Wednesday, September 18, 2019

NC 24/27 Troy Bypass and US 74 Toll Road

US 15/501 South, US 64 East, US 220 Business South, I 73/74 South, NC 24/27 West, NC 109 South, US 74 West, US 74 Bypass West, US 74 West.
US 74 East, US 601 North, NC 200 South to Reed Gold Mine.
NC 200 South, NC 24/27 West, US 601 North, NC 73 East, NC 24/27 East, NC 24 Bus/27 Bus East, NC 24/27 East, I 73/74 North, US 64 East, US 51/501 North to Chapel Hill  

NC 24/27 Bypass of Troy is not quite done. On the east end, the westbound pavement is closed to traffic. There is two way traffic on the eastbound pavement.
The bridges over US 74 tollroad are nicely designed, similar to those over NC 540 toll.
Mount Pleasant NC is a cute little town. On NC 73, there is a What-a-burger #13. There is a building named 73 & Main, at the corner of NC 73 and Main Street. East of town is Southern Grace Distilleries, which is in a former state prison.

Clinched US 74 Bypass Toll, NC 24 Business, NC 27 Business. Mileage on US 74, 601; NC 24, 27, 73, 109, 200.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

New York City

Fort Wadsworth, Gateway NRA with Verrazano Narrows Bridge

Day 1: US 15/501 North, I 85 North, I 95 North, US 50 East, US 301 North, DE 1 North, I 95 North, I 295 North, Local Road, I 95 North, NY 440 North, NJ 440 North to hotel in Staten Island.
NJ 440 North, Local roads to Snug Harbor and Fort Wadsworth.
Local roads, I 278 West, NJ 440 South to hotel.
Day 2: NJ 440 North, NJ 185 North, local roads to Liberty State Park. Ferries to Liberty Island, Ellis Island, Manhattan and back to Liberty Landing.
I 78 West, I 95 South, Local streets, US 1/13 South, US 1 South, PA 3 to Havertown.
Day 3: Local roads, including PA 3, US 1.
Day 4: Local roads, including PA 3, I 476, I 95.
Day 5: Local roads, including PA 3, PA 252, I 76, I 476.
Day 6: PA 3 West, I 476 South, I 95 South, I 495 South, I 95 South, DE 1 South, US 301 South, US 50 West, I 95 South, I 85 South, US 15/501 South to Chapel Hill.

We drove the new US 301 toll road in Delaware. Even though it is a little longer, it saves on tolls and stress level from any route through Baltimore. There are times to avoid the Bay Bridge, like on Labor Day, where the backup was 14 miles long, but otherwise it should be better that going through Baltimore.

Counties: Richmond NY. For a new total of 1166.

DE: Clinched US 301.
NJ: Clinched NJ 185. Mileage on I 78, I 295, NJ 440.
NY: Clinched NY 440. Mileage on I 278.
PA: Mileage on I 95, US 1, US 13, PA 3, PA 252.

NPS Sites: Castle Clinton National Monument, Gateway NRA, Statue of Liberty National Monument.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

NC 86 North, I 40 West, I 85 South, NC 273 South, NC 279 West to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
NC 279 West, I 85 North, I 485 Inner, I 85 North, NC 147 East, US 15/501 to Durham  


NC: Mileage on NC 273, NC 279.

Sunday, June 09, 2019


Klondike Highway Suspension Bridge
Day 1: From Sea-Tac: Airport Expressway North, WA 518 East, I 5 South, I 705 North to Tacoma.
WA 509 North, Local Roads, WA 509 North, Local Roads to Browns Point.
Local Roads, WA 509 North, Local Roads, WA 99 South, Local Roads, I 5 North, WA 520 East, I 405 North to Kirkland.
Day 2: I 405 North, WA 20 East to Ross Lake NRA.
WA 20 West, WA 530 West, I 5 South, I 405 South to Kirkland.
Day 3: I 405 South to Bellevue. I 405 North to Kirkland.
Day 4: I 405 North, I 5 North, WA 539 North, BC 13 North, BC 1 West, Local Roads to Canada Place.
Day 6: On foot, Local Streets, AK 7.
Day 7: Local Road, AK 7 North, Local Roads to Mendenhall Glacier.
Local Roads, AK 7 North to Echo Bay,
AK 7 South, Local Roads to Douglas Island.
Local Roads, AK 7 South to Juneau.
Day 8: Local Roads, AK 98 North, BC YT2 North, YT 2 North to Carcross.
YT 2 South, BC YT2 South to Fraser BC.
AK 98 South, Local Roads to Skagway.
Day 11: AK 9 North, AK 1 North, Alyeska Highway to Alyeska.
Alyeska Highway, AK 1 North, Local Roads to Anchorage.
Day 12: Local Streets to Anchorage train station.
From Denali train station, local roads, AK 3 North to McKinley Park.
Day 13: AK 3 South, Park Road to Denali NP.
Park Road, AK 3 North to McKinley Park.
Day 14: AK 3 North, Local Roads to Fairbanks.
Day 15: City Bus and on foot, Local Roads. Local roads to Airport.
There is a most unusual suspension bridge on the Klondike Highway. It is suspended from only one side, so as to make repairs easier.
AK 3 is closed in west Fairbanks from Geist Road to Airport Way.
New State: Alaska, for a new total of 47.
New Territory: Yukon, for a new total of 8.
State Capitol: Juneau AK.
Alaska: Anchorage, Denali, Fairbanks North Star, Haines, Hoonah-Angoon, Juneau, Kenai Peninsula, Ketchikan Gateway, Matanuska-Susitna, Petersburg, Prince of Wales-Hyder, Sitka, Skagway, Wrangell, Yukon-Koyukuk.
For a new US total of 1165.
British Columbia: Central Coast, Comox Valley, Kitimat-Stikine, Mount Waddington, Powell River,  Skeena-Queen Charlotte,  Stikine,  Strathcona,  Sunshine Coast.
Yukon: Yukon.
For a new Canada total of 122.
AK: Clinched AK 7 Juneau. Mileage on AK 1, AK 3, AK 9, AK 7 Ketchikan, AK 98.
WA: Clinched WA 530, WA 539. Mileage on WA 20, WA 509.
BC: Cliched BC 13, YT2.
YT: Mileage on YT2.
NPS Units: Denali NP, Glacier Bay NP, Kenai Fjords NP, Klondike Gold Rush NHP, North Cascades NP, Ross Lake NRA.

Sunday, March 24, 2019


US 15/501 South, NC 54 East, I 40 East, US 74 East, US 17 South to Wilmington
US 17 North, US 74 West, NC 133 South, NC 87 South, NC 211 East to Southport
NC 211 West, NC 906 South to Oak Island.
NC 906 North, NC 211 West, US 17 South, NC 904 South, NC 179 East to Calabash
NC 179 West, NC 904 North, US 17 North, I 140 East I 40 West, NC 54 West, US 15/501 North to Chapel Hill.
I 140 is a fast bypass around Wilmington. It has the rare trait of having no services at any of its exits for the length of the Interstate.

Results Clinched I 140.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Williamsburg Illumination

US 15/501 North, I 85 North, I 95 North, I 64 East, VA 199 East, US 60 East to Williamsburg VA.
US 60 East, VA 132 South, VA 132Y East to Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center.
US 60 East, VA 5 West, VA 132 North, US 60 West to Williamsburg hotel.
US 60 East, VA 132 South, VA 132Y East, Colonial Parkway East, local road, VA 162 East, VA 143 East, I 64 East, VA 143 East, US 17 North, US 17 Bus North, VA 14 East to New Point Comfort.
VA 14 West, VA 198 West, VA 33 West, I 64 West, I 295 South, VA 10 East, I 95 South,  I 85 South, US 15/501 South to Chapel Hill.

Mathews County is considered one of the rarest counties to collect in Virginia. It is a peninsula. All highways (except VA 3) in the county end at the coast.
I 66 has significant construction just east of Richmond and near Busch Gardens.
I 85 has its new carriageways open in both directions, but with only one lane open from Henderson to the Virginia State Line.

Counties: VA: Matthews, Gloucester, King and Queen, King William. For a new total of 1150.

VA: Clinched VA 162; New mileage on I 64; US 17, 17 Business Gloucester; VA 3, 5, 14, 30, 33, 143, 198.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Williamsburg VA

US 15/501 North, I 85 North, VA 40 East, US 460 East,  SR 504 East, VA 31 North, Scotland/Jamestown Ferry, VA 31 North, VA 359 East, Colonial Parkway West to Jamestown.
Colonial Parkway East, VA 132Y West, VA 132 North, US 60 West to Williamsburg VA.
US 60 East VA 132 South, VA 132Y East, Colonial Parkway West, VA 199 West, US 60 West to Williamsburg Pottery.
US 60 East, SR 646 North, SR 603 East, VA 199 West, I 64 East, VA 171 East, US 17 South, VA 312 South to Mariner Museum.
VA 312 North, US 17 North, I 64 East, VA 169 East, VA 143 South to Fort Monroe.
US 258 South, US 35 West, I 85 South, US 15/501 South to Chapel Hill.

There is no signage for US 258 at Fort Monroe.

Counties: VA: Isle of Wright, Surry, Sussex. For a new total of 1146.

VA: Clinched VA 359, Colonial Parkway; New mileage on US 258, 460; VA 31, 40, 171, 169, 199.