Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Clinch US 220 in NC

I 40 West, NC 87 North, US 158 West, US 220 North, US 220 Business, NC 135 East, US 220 North, VA 87 South, NC 87 South, US 158 East, US 29 Bypass South, NC 150 East, US 158 East, NC 86 South
My NC State Highway Map shows US 311 going through Madison on US 220 Business and NC 135 East to Eden. I took the detour to see for myself. There is an End sign at US 311 and US 220 Business as before. The new route has not been signed.
US 220 is signed as Future I 73 Corridor in both North Carolina and Virginia.
US 28 Bypass has had its mileposts renumbered. The exits show the old exit numbers and new exit numbers, differing only by a mile or two. What was the point?
Clinch US 220 in NC, VA 87