Monday, September 08, 2008

US 1/NC 42 Connector, Sanford

US 15/501 South,US 1/NC 42 Connector (US 421 Future) South, NC 42 West, US 421 West, Cumnock Road North, local roads, NC 87 North, US 64 East, US 15/501 North

The future US 421 bypass is now open from NC 42 to US1/15/501/NC 87 north of Sanford. Neither end connects to US 421. From the US 1 freeway, the road is signed TO NC 42. On NC 42, the road is labeled as US 1/NC 42 Connector.

Where Cumnock Road crosses the Deep River, there is an old camelback trestle bridge that is in a small park. The bridge is well worth a stop. You can cross the bridge and see the construction detail. The planking sticks out from under the asphalt in places. There is a strange canoe/kayak launch beneath the bridge with a pair of steel pipe railings to slide your boat on next to a concrete steps that go down into the river.

Reclinch US 421 Future.