Sunday, January 04, 2009

Augusta GA - Christmas

I 40 West, I 85 South, I 77 South, SC 277 South, I 20 West to Augusta
GA 28, I 20, GA 104, GA 337, Local Roads
I 20 East, SC 277 North, I 77 North, I 85 North, I 40 East to Chapel Hill
The BGS's on I 40 West at the old Business Route split now have I 40 and I 85 splitting and I 40 Business is gone. However, the reassurance shields on I 85 and the BGS's in both directions at the I 85/I 73 split have I 40 West.
Just north of the I 20/I 520 interchange, a new double trumpet interchange has been built for Scott Nixon Road to cross the Bobby Jones ( GA 232 ). Construction of this interchange and the moving of the access road for I 20 have caused a couple of motels and a skating rink to be demolished. The Sam's Club has lost a quarter of its parking lot.