Sunday, September 26, 2004

Drive the U-Haul from Dearborn MI to Chapel Hill NC

US 24 South, I 94 West, I 275 South, I 75 South, I 280 South, I 80/90/Ohio Turnpike East, I 77 South, I 74 East, US 52 South, I 40 Bus East, I 40 East, NC 86 South to Chapel Hill NC
In a truck, stick to Interstates.
The interchange between US 24 and I 94 is under reconstruction into a SPUI. The unusual left exits from I 94 are gone and the bridges that carried them across US 24 are gone. Currently there is a detour for both exits.
The southern approaches to the new I 280 bridge look complete.
In the new Ohio Turnpike service areas, the diesel pumps are before the truck parking area. You have to fuel first.
Ohio Turnpike treats the truck as a car. West Virginia calls it a Class 5 vehicle with a $2.00 toll per plaza.