Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Windsor NC

I 40 East, I 440 West, US 264 East, NC 91 South, US 264 Alternate East, Local streets, NC 43 West, US 264 West, US 13 North, US 13 Business Bethel South, US 64 Alternate East, US 13 North, US 17 Bypass Windsor North, US 17 South, NC 380 East, Sans Souci Road, NC 380 East, NC 45 South, US 63 West, US 64 Business Jamesville West, US 64 West, US 13 South, US 13 Business Bethel North, US 64 Alternate West, US 64 West, I 440 West, I 40 West.

On I 795/US 264 in Wilson, the BGS for I 795 still say US 117 and for US 301 say US 117 Alternate, even though AASHTO approved the change.
NCDOT originally documented that they were going to sign mainline US 17 through Windsor as a Business Route. However, when they made their request to AASHTO, they asked for it be an Alternate Route. However, signage in the field has the original mainline signed as the mainline and the new bypass has a Bypass banner.
I originally wanted to photograph and ride the Sans Souci ferry, but the last few hundred yards of the gravel road leading up to the ferry was under water. I ended up backing up the road back to the paved road in Sans Souci, because the shoulders were flooded.

Bertie County, for a new total of 979.
Clinched US 264 Alternate Bethel, US 64 Business Bethel, US 64 Business Jamesville, US 17 Bypass Windsor.