Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Vass Bypass and I-277

US 15/501 South, US 64 West, NC 87 South, US 1 South, NC 2 West, US 15/501 North, NC 73 West, US 220 South, US 74 Business West, US 74 West, NC 200 South, NC 75 West, SC 75 West, US 521 North, I-485 West, I-77 North, I-277 East, I-77 North, I-85 North, I-40 East, NC 86 South to Chapel Hill
The Vass Bypass is expressway with narrow shoulders and 55 mph speed limits. NC 24/27 and NC 690 are diamond interchanges. There are other at-grade road intersections, which are a form of a Michigan Left. There are left turn lanes from US 1 onto each side road, but there is no crossover for the side road. All traffic must turn right from the side road. Left and straight through traffic takes a U-turn (with a turning pad for trucks).

NC 2 through Pinehurst has the narrowest lanes. The residents don't want to lose the pine trees in the median, but the lanes are unsafe.

Paving on the under construction I 73/74 ends at NC 73. South of the bridge you see asphalt; north of the bridge you see sand.

US 74 is called the Andrew Jackson Highway and dedicated to Jesse Helms in Anson county.

Polkton prides itself in being the birthplace of LL Polk, who was an early NC educator, no relation to Jame Polk, who was born in Mecklenburg County NC.

The BGS over US 521 for I 485 still says that US 521 goes onto the freeway, instead of ending at I 485, which it does.

There is a stub ramp merging in to the on-ramp from US 521 onto I 485 west. This may well be a leftover from when I 485 ended at US 521.
Reclinch US 1 (NC). Clinch I 277 (NC) and US 521 (NC).
More mileage on US 74 in NC.
Union (NC), Anson (NC) and Lancaster (SC) counties, for a total of 890.