Monday, February 14, 2005

Chatham County Trip

Old Greensboro Highway West, NC 49 South, local road, US 421 South, US 64 West, Old US 421 South, NC 902 West, Local Roads, NC 42 East, US 421 West, NC 902 East, Local Road, US 64 East, US 15/501 North

My trips crisscrossing central North Carolina have covered many of the counties. I have clinched the state and US highways in Orange, Durham, Person and Granville counties. The only highways in Chatham county that I had not clinched (in the county) were US 421 and NC 42. My travels tend to cross these roads, but not travel along them. Since business took me to southwest Chatham county, I turned it into a roadtrip to cover those roads, at least in southwest Chatham county.

US 421 is being upgraded to four lane divided from Sanford to Goldston. The bypass around Goldston is a Super-2, but not for long.

The only state highway left to clinch Chatham county is NC 42 from Corinth east.