Saturday, February 25, 2006

Pinnacles of the Dan - February 2006

I 40 West, Bus I 40 West, I 40 East, US 52 North, Bus US 52 North, NC 103 East, VA 103 East, Local Roads, VA 103 East, VA 8 South, NC 8 South, NC 89 South, US 311 South, NC 65 East, US 158 East, NC 68 South, I 40 East

I've started to document exit numbers on NC non-Interstate freeways. I logged US 52 from Winston-Salem to Mount Airy on this trip.

NC 103/VA 103 is a pretty sorry multistate highway. Neither segment is more than 10 miles long. They both seem to be stubs.
There are light boards warning of "Narrow Lanes" on I 40 East at the construction of the interchange for the Greensboro Bypass. Both roadways are diverted around the bridge construction over the mainline. Only the eastbound lanes have the sign.

Since the Sheetz opened at Mebane-Oaks Road Exit on I 40/85, gas prices have fallen at other gas stations both at Mebane-Oaks and Buckhorn exits, as well as in Hillsborough. Maybe it will creep into Chapel Hill, the apex of gas prices in North Carolina.

Clinch NC 103, VA 103. Clinch the section of VA/NC 8 from Hanging Rock to Stuart. I have just a few miles of VA 8 in the Blacksburg area to clinch VA 8.