Monday, June 02, 2008

Carolinas Roadmeet, Cleveland NC

NC 54 East, I 40 East, US 70 East, I 40 East, NC 42 West, NC 50 South, NC 210 East, I 40 West, NC 42 West
NC 42 East, Local Roads, US 70 Business West, US 70 West, NC 42 West
NC 42 East, I 40 West, NC 540 West, NC 55 North, Local Roads, NC 54 West
On the way to the roadmeet, I needed gas, so I took US 70/NC 50/US 401 to get gas at $3.85. When I got to the Cleveland Draft House, I had a little time to kill, so I went down NC 50 to McGhee's Crossroads to check out a BBQ restaurant and get a little more NC 210 mileage.
There is a BGS in error on US 70 East indicating that the I 40 West ramp is for US 70 West. This hearkens back to the early 1990's when US 70 went up I 40 and around the Beltline.
Smithfield is shown on a mileage sign on I 40 between US 70 and the new US 70 interchange. This is in preparation for when US 70 East will be routed there next week.
There is a US 70 reassurance shield on I 40 West north of the new interchange also in prep.
The BGS's on I 40 West for US 70 East now have covered banners for the change to Business.
The US 70 reassurance shields through Clayton all have covered Business banners.

We drove around looking at the new US 70 freeway from various dead ends. The first stop featured a dead cat in a shopping bag. A later dead end was for a busy road now permanently cut by the freeway. Between the Road Ends 1000 yards and 500 yards, there is a Speed Limit sign reducing the speed limit to 45 mph. At the dead end, right next to the barrier is a a Speed Limit sign restoring the 55 mph speed limit. If you can't speed up, you won't be able to make the jump across the freeway.
Mileage on NC 210.