Monday, December 28, 2009

I 520 South Carolina

I 40 West, I 85 South, I 77 South, US 1 South, I 20 West to Augusta
GA 28, I 20, I 520, GA 104, GA 337, Local Roads
I 20 East, US 1 North, I 77 North, I 85 North, I 485 South, US 29 North, I 85 North, I 40 East to Chapel Hill
I 520 has been completed to interchange with I 20 in South Carolina. It is the only odd three digit interstate to begin and end at its parent. There are no plans to renumber the road. Since both ends of I 520 were rebuilt and resigned this year, they could have done both ends at little cost. But what is done is done.
I 520 in South Carolina has four exits: diamonds at US 1 and Clearlake Road, a half cloverleaf at US 25/SC 121 connector and T-flyovers at I 20. The interchange with I 20 is so close to the US 25 interchange, that the entrance and exit ramps cross. There is no way to exit from I 520 onto I 20 and then exit onto US 25 and vice versa. To connect from I 520 to US 25, you have to use the connector, a mile south.
The reconstruction of the interchange between I 20 and I 520 in Georgia is complete. There are now flyovers to and from I 520 and C/D lanes along I 520. One of the hotels we used to stay at in Augusta was a victim of the construction, since it lost so much traffic.
There was a giant traffic jam on I 85 between I 485 and US 601/US 29. We managed to get over to I 485 and went over to US 29. We tried Brutun Smith Boulevard, but it was backed up for at least a mile from I 85, so we took US 29 to Concord. Traffic was stopped on I 85 south there. The backup continued well past China Grove. There were a lot of Carolina fans in the jam trying to get to the bowl game. I wonder if they made it in time.
Noticed a Truck Route for NC 73 multiplexed with US 601 on the west side of Concord.
Clinched I 520 South Carolina.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NC 47

I 40 West, US 220 South, I 85 Business South, I 85 South, NC 8 North, I 85 Business South, Linwood Road South, NC 47 East, NC 49 North, Tot Hill Road West, NC 49 North, US 220 North, US 220 Connector East to US 220 Business and return, US 220 South, NC 42 East, local roads, NC 902 East, US 64 Business East, US 15/501 North.

Mixed a shopping trip with some roadgeeking and a barbecue restaurant stop for review. Signage on I 40 through Death Valley is complete. Construction on the I 74 interchange with I 85 continues.
NC 8 has been rerouted through Lexington since I was last through town.
Took a slight detour up Tot Hill Farm Road to find a trail head that I used years ago. The trail head is the northern end of the original Uwharrie National Recreational Trail. The last time I was there, the trail head, which didn't any parking, was being swallowed up by a golf course. I was delighted to find that the NFS has built a parking lot across a creek west of the old trail head and there is a new trail connecting to the old trail. This trail has a roadgeek significance. Part of the trail runs along the old Salisbury Road, which was a major north/south thoroughfare in the time of Daniel Boone.

Clinched US 220 Connector in Asheboro and NC 47. Mileage on NC 8 and NC 42.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pilot Mountain State Park

I 40 West, I 85 West, I 73 North, I 40 West, US 421 West, US 601 North, US 601 Business Dodson South, US 601 North, US 52 North, US 52 Business Mount Airy South, US 52 South, Pilot Mountain State Park, US 52 South, I 40 Business East, I 40 East, I 73 South, I 85 West.

This was a roundabout route to Pilot Mountain to catch the fall colors and see the country along US 601. The maples were gorgeous in Boonville and Dodson , but no good photography stood out. The colors were fine on Pilot Mountain. There were a lot of buzzards around the Big Pinnacle and the moon was visible in the late afternoon sky.

Clinched US 601 Business Dodson, US42 Business Mount Airy. Mileage on US 601.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Villanova to Michigan

US 15/501 North, I 85 North, I 95 North, VA 207 North, US 301 North, I 97 North, I 695 East, I 95 North, I 495 North, I 95 North, I 476 North, I 76 West to King of Prussia.
I 76 West, I 283 North, I 83 North, I 81 South, US 322 West, US 322 Business West, PA 26 North, US 322 West, I 99 North, US 220 North, I 80 West, I 76 West, US 224 West, US 250 North, US 20 West, OH 53 North, I 80/90 West, I 280 North, I 75 North, I 275 North to Livonia
I 275 South, I 75 South, US 35 East, US 35 Business Xenia East, US 35 East, I 64 East, I 77 South, I 74 East, I 40 Business East, I 40 East, I 73 South, I 85 East, I 40 East, NC 86 South

I 85 construction continues with two way traffic on the northbound lanes from Oxford to Henderson.
All rest areas in Virginia except welcome centers are closed.
US 301 is a pleasant drive across the Potomac except for the line of stoplights and shopping centers in Waldorf MD.
I 476 across the Schuykill River is split into two sets of lanes northbound, with two lanes on a temporary bridge and two lanes on the original bridge so that the other lanes can be rehabbed.
On US 322 two lane descending into State College has a different system for fighting tailgating, There are two foot in diameter circles along the center of the lane with signs advising to keep two circles behing the next car.
I 76/71 is being rebuilt. The northbound exit ramps from I 71 to I 76/US 224 are under construction.
US 35 in Point Pleasant WV has been diverted around the tie-in to the new US 35 under construction. There are multiple signs to access and work areas from current US 35 to the new freeway. At the Buffalo Bridge, US 35 makes a turn up to the bridge access, then turns directly inland as a two-lane road. After the first turn, WV 817 (Old US 35) intersects from the left. At the second turn, to WV 62 intersects from the left and passes over the Buffalo Bridge. When US 35 reaches the new routing, it makes a right angle turn left and divides into a divided four-lane highway with road intersections until it reaches WV 34, which is an interchange. There is a flyover ramp to I 64 East.

Counties - King George VA, Charles MD, Perry PA, Juniata PA, Mifflin PA, Medina OH, Greene OH, Fayette OH,
for a new total of 990.
VA - Mileage on US 301, VA 207.

MD - Clinched I 97, US 301.
PA - Clinched I 283. Mileage on I 83, I 99. Mileage on US 22,
US 322, US 322 Business State College, US 522, US 220, US 202, PA 26.
OH- Clinched US 35 Business Xenia. Mileage on I 76, US 224, US 20, US 35.
WV- Reclinched US 35.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Parker Ferry

I 40 East, I 540 East, US 64 East, US 64 Business Rocky Mount East, US 64 Alternate East, US 258 North to NC 122 and return, US 64 Alternate East, NC 42 North, US 64 East, US 17 Business North, US17 North to NC 308 West and return, US 13 Business North, US 13 North, US 158 West, Parker Ferry Road, Parker Ferry, Parker Ferry Road, US 258 North to VA line and return, US 158 East, US 158 Business Murfreesboro West, US 158 West, US 301 South, US 301 Halifax North, US 301 South, US 64 West, I 540 West, I 40 West.

The third time was the charm. After striking out twice, I finally rode one of the cable powered ferries in eastern North Carolina. Parker Ferry Road runs between US 158 at a prison west of Weldon to US 258 just south of Como NC. It is gravel for a couple of miles before and after the ferry. Coming from the south, I pulled up to the gate and honked my car horn. A little old ferry keeper came out of his little old ferry shack and brought the ferry over to the south side. I had time to take some pictures of the ferry. The deck has space for two cars or one truck. The whole process took maybe fifteen minutes. It was worth the trip.

Clinched US 64 Alternate Tarboro, US 64 Business Rocky Mount, US 17 Business Williamston, US 13 Business Windsor, US 301 Business Halifax. Mileage on US 17, US 13, US 258.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Villanova Move-in and Washington DC

US 15/501 North, I 85 North, I 95 North, I 495 West, I 95 North, I 695 East, I 95 North, I 495 North, I 95 North, I 476 North, US 30 East to Villanova PA
US 30 West, I 476 North, I 76 West, US 202 West, US 30 Business West, PA 100 North, PA 113 South to Lionville PA
PA 113 North, PA 100 North, I 76 East, PA 320 South, US 30 East to Villanova PA
US 30 West, PA 100 North, PA 113 South to Lionville PA
PA 113 North, PA 100 South, US 202 South, I 95 South, DE 1 South, DE 299 West, US 301 South, I 595 West, US 50 West, I 395 South to Washington DC
Local Roads, I 66 West, VA 267 West, VA 28 South, Liberia Ave, Prince William Parkway, I 95 South, I 85 South, US 15/501 South

This trip tried out a couple of alternatives to I 95 between DC and Philadelphia. I 495 around Wilmington DE is much better than I 95 through town. I 695 across the Key Bridge is a logner, but a much calmer drive than the construction on I 95 and I 895 north of the tunnels. DE 1/US 301/I 595 is a pleasant scenic alternative to I 95. You just have to avoid this route when folks are heading to/from the beach.

All of the rest areas on I 85 and I 95 in Virginia that are not Welcome Centers are closed. It is a long haul from the Virginia Welcome Center south of Lake Gaston to the Maryland Welcome Center on I 95 between I 495 and I 895.

US 301 in DE reminds me of Ohio. The corn fields being converted to housing and commercial and the farmer's markets are much the same, except for the market selling crabs.

US 301 in Maryland has multiple instances of a variation of a Michigan Left, where the through road (US 301) has divided left turn exits, but the cross road cannot go across to turn left or straight across. The cross road has to turn right onto the through road and make a U-turn at the cutover. There are similar intersections on US 1 hear Vass NC. What is this intersection called?

Counties - Kent MD, Queen Anne's MD, Manassas (IC) VA,
Manassas Park (IC) VA, for a new total of 982.
VA - Mileage on VA 267, VA 28, VA 3000.
DC - Clinched I 395.
Mileage on US 50, US 1.
MD - Clinched I 595. Mileage on US 50, US 301.
DE - Clinched I 495. Mileage on DE 1, DE 299, US 13, US 301.
PA - Mileage on I 76, I 476. Mileage on US 30, US 30 Business, PA 100, PA 113.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Windsor NC

I 40 East, I 440 West, US 264 East, NC 91 South, US 264 Alternate East, Local streets, NC 43 West, US 264 West, US 13 North, US 13 Business Bethel South, US 64 Alternate East, US 13 North, US 17 Bypass Windsor North, US 17 South, NC 380 East, Sans Souci Road, NC 380 East, NC 45 South, US 63 West, US 64 Business Jamesville West, US 64 West, US 13 South, US 13 Business Bethel North, US 64 Alternate West, US 64 West, I 440 West, I 40 West.

On I 795/US 264 in Wilson, the BGS for I 795 still say US 117 and for US 301 say US 117 Alternate, even though AASHTO approved the change.
NCDOT originally documented that they were going to sign mainline US 17 through Windsor as a Business Route. However, when they made their request to AASHTO, they asked for it be an Alternate Route. However, signage in the field has the original mainline signed as the mainline and the new bypass has a Bypass banner.
I originally wanted to photograph and ride the Sans Souci ferry, but the last few hundred yards of the gravel road leading up to the ferry was under water. I ended up backing up the road back to the paved road in Sans Souci, because the shoulders were flooded.

Bertie County, for a new total of 979.
Clinched US 264 Alternate Bethel, US 64 Business Bethel, US 64 Business Jamesville, US 17 Bypass Windsor.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seattle Trip, Day 7

Coeur d'Alene ID to Seattle WA: I 90 West, Local Roads in Spokane, I 405 North, WA 520 East
Clinched I 90 Idaho.
Counties: Washington: 5, for a new total of 978.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seattle Trip, Day 6

Yellowstone to Couer d'Alene ID: Park roads: Canyon to Norris, Mammoth, North Entrance
US 89 North, I 90 West
I 90 is under construction on the multiplex with I 15 in Butte MT and from Missoula MT west.
Every pass in MT and ID have Chain Up and Chain Removal areas for installing tire chains in winter.
New state visited: Montana, for a new total of 44.
Counties: Montana: 10, Idaho: 2, for a new total of 973.

Seattle Trip, Day 5

Sheridan WY to Yellowstone: I 90 West, US 14 West, US 14A West, US 14/16/20 West to Yellowstone
Park Roads: to Fishing Bridge, West Thumb, Madison, Norris, Canyon
US 14 is under construction to straighten it out at the top of the Big Horn climb.
Madison to Norris in Yellowstone is under construction with delays and closed at night.
Clinched US 14 Alternate, Cody WY

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Seattle Trip, Day 4

Rapid City SD to Sheridan WY: I 90 West, I 190 South, local roads, US 16 West, US 16 Alternate West, SD 244 West to Mt Rushmore
SD 244 East, US 16 Alternate West, SD 743 West, SD 87 West, US 16 West, I 90 West to Sheridan WV
US 16 from Rapid City to Custer SD has been significantly upgraded over the years. The Truck route east of town is hardly needed except to keep the largest trucks off a few blocks in downtown Rapid City.
There are gates on US 16 and I 90 for closing the highways with warning signs.
Counties: Wyoming, Sheridan, for a new total of 961.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seattle Trip, Day 3

Council Bluffs IA to Rapid City SD: I 29 North, SD 50 West, SD 50 Business West to Vermillion SD.
SD 50 Bus East, SD 50 East, I 29 North, I 90 West, I 90 BL (Mitchell) West, I 90 West to Rapid City SD.
I 90 West, I 190 South, local roads, US 16 East, I 190 North, I 90 East
Construction on I 29 and I 90 for long stretches with two way traffic on one side and no pavement left on the other at all.
Stopped for gas in Mt Vernon SD. Stopped a crossroad a half mile north of I 90 signed "Hwy 16". This would be old US 16 from before it was replaced by I 90 and truncated to Rapid City SD.
Clinched I 29 in IA, I 90 Business Mitchell SD.
Counties: Iowa: 3, South Dakota: 3, for a new total of 960.

Seattle Trip, Day 2

Evansville IN to Council Bluffs IA: US 41 North, I 64 West, I 70 West, Local Streets (Downtown St Louis), I 70 West, MO 19, Local Road, MO 167, I 70 West, I 435 North, I 29 North, I 229 North, I 29 North, IA 2 West, NE 2 West, US 75 Bus North to Nebraska City NE, US 75 Bus South, NE 2 East, IA 2 East, I 29 North to Council Bluffs IA

At the rest area on I 64 just before the I 57 interchange, there were construction fliers for the "rubblization" of a section of I 57 south of I 64, They're ripping up the entire pavement and pulverizing it.
The detour for I 64 through St Louis is very well marked and warned. There is no indication of construction or sign changing at the I 70/US 40/61/Future I 64 interchange west of St Louis.
There are full color shields painted on the pavement for the I 270 exit from I 70 in Kansas City.
I 35 is under construction from I 70 to I 29. I 435 is given as a detour for both I 35 and I 29 North. I 435 has I 35 shields with orange alt banners posted along that part of the detour, but not such shields for I 29.
I 29 is reduced to two way traffic on the north bound lanes for several long stretches in Iowa.
Clinched I 64 in IN and IL, I 229 in MO.
Counties: Indiana: 1, Illinois: 5, Missouri: 5, Nebraska: 1, Iowa: 2, for a new total of 954.

Seattle Trip, Day 1

Chapel Hill NC to Evansville IN: I 40 West, I 85 West, I 73 North, I 40 West, US 52 North, I 74 West, I 77 West, I 64 West, I 264 West, I 64 West, US 41 South to Evansville IN
US 41 North, I 64 East, I 164 South, Local Streets, IN 62 East, US 41 North

Sign changing continues on Greensboro interstates. The ramp from I 85 to I 73/US 421 is labeled US 421 North. The Wendell Ave exit number is now using I 73 mileage. The exit for I 40 from I 73/US 421 has Blue 40 shields, but uses both I 40 and I 73 mileage.

Construction continues on the new I 60 bridge west of Charleston WV. No tie ins to I 64 yet.

Major construction on I 64 in Indiana, Two way traffic on the east bound lanes. Construction at the end of I 164 at the US 41 interchange.

Clinch I 64 in WV, I 164 in IN.
Counties: Kentucky: 9. Indiana: 9, New total = 940.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wrightsville Beach and Oak Island

I 40 East, US 74 East to Wrightsville Beach
US 74 West, US 76 West, NC 132 South, US 421 South, Fort Fisher-Southport Ferry, NC 211 North, Local roads, NC 211 North, NC 133 South to Oak Island
NC 133 North, US 421 North, I 140 East, I 40 West

There are ALT ROUTE banners on I 40 shields on NC 24 at the bottom of the ramps from I 40 pointing east. I assume they are for hurricane evacuation routes.

The second bridge to Oak Island is under construction. There was an accident there last winter that stopped construction, but a lot has been done since my last visit in October 2007. What is done is the approach ramp on Middleton south from Oak Island Boulevard, support towers and pieces of deck and deck supports.

There are read and blue I 140 shields painted on the pavement in the exit lane from US 421/17 to I 40/US 17. Colored shields are very rare on pavement.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Appomattox Va

NC 86 North, I 85 North, US 15 North, US 15 Truck Oxford North, US 158 Business Oxford East, US 15 North, US 15 Business Farmville North, US 460 West, US 29 South, US 29 Business Alta Vista South, US 29 South, US 29 Business Gretna South, US 29 South, US 29 Business Chatham South, US 29 South, NC 86 South.
This trip was to Appomattox National Historic Park. On the way up and back, I clinched some US Business routes. The US 29 Business routes are the old US 29 routing through the town. Between Alta Vista and Hurt there is a magnificent double camelback truss bridge on the Business route and a railroad bridge with the sidewalk going through a corrugated pipe. Both are worth some photography when it is not so rainy.
Counties - Appomattox VA, for a new total of 921.
NC - Clinched US 158 Business Oxford.
VA - Clinched US 15 Business Farmville, US 29 Business Alta Vista,
US 29 Business Gretna, US 29 Business Chatham. Mileage on US 29, US 460, US 501.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Villanova University Campus Visit

I 85 North, I 95 North, I 395 North, I 695 North, Pennsylvania Avenue, DC 295 North, MD 219 North, Baltimore/Washington Parkway North, I 95 North, I 895 North, I 95 North, US 202 North to King of Prussia
US 202 South, N Gulph Road, PA 32 West to Valley Forge
PA 32 East, US 422 South, US 202 North to KoP
US 202 South, S Gulph Road, PA 320 South, US 30 East to Villanova University
US30 West, I 476 South, I 95 South, I 495 West, I 95 South, I 295 South, VA 36 West, I 85 South
Normally on a Sunday, the drive through DC to Baltimore on I 395, DC 295 and the Balt-Wash would be a breeze. However, this weekend was the Cherry Blossom Festival. We came to a full stop just before the Potomac River.
I 95 north of Baltimore is being totally reconstructed from I 895 through the I 695 interchange. It may be better to take I 695 over the Key Bridge to miss the construction.
The sign gantries on US 202 in Delaware are painted a very dark grey, almost black, an odd color choice.
US 202 is divided in Delaware with businesses in the median. There is a wide shoulder on the left for exitting to the businesses.
I saw my first jughandle on US 202 in Pennsylvania. It was a standard reverse jughandle, looking much like a cloverleaf. The second was a forward jughandle just west of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which we used to get to the hotel between the King of Prussia Mall and the Turnpike. To get to the hotel from US 202 eastbound, we drove pastthe hotel across the Turnpike, right on the jughandle, left on a sideroad, then left on US 202 westbound, back across the Turnpike to the hotel.
We saw two interesting signs not often followed: "Road Construction: Headlights on" in Pennsylvania. "Turn off Windshield Wipers" in Delaware Turnpike and Maryland JFK Highway tollbooths.
The toll for the Susquehanna Bridge is $5, eastbound only.
I 495 is being reconstructed around the Dulles toll road and I 66 interchanges.
States - Delaware, for a new total of 43.
Counties - New Castle DE, Cecil MD, Harford MD, Montgomery MD, for a new total of 914.
VA - Clinched I 495.
DC - Clinched I 695.
MD - Clinched I 95, I 495, I 895.
DE - Clinched I 95. Mileage on US 202.
PA - Mileage on I 95, I 476. Mileage on US 30, US 202, US 322, US 422, PA 320.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Augusta GA - Christmas

I 40 West, I 85 South, I 77 South, SC 277 South, I 20 West to Augusta
GA 28, I 20, GA 104, GA 337, Local Roads
I 20 East, SC 277 North, I 77 North, I 85 North, I 40 East to Chapel Hill
The BGS's on I 40 West at the old Business Route split now have I 40 and I 85 splitting and I 40 Business is gone. However, the reassurance shields on I 85 and the BGS's in both directions at the I 85/I 73 split have I 40 West.
Just north of the I 20/I 520 interchange, a new double trumpet interchange has been built for Scott Nixon Road to cross the Bobby Jones ( GA 232 ). Construction of this interchange and the moving of the access road for I 20 have caused a couple of motels and a skating rink to be demolished. The Sam's Club has lost a quarter of its parking lot.