Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Augusta GA - Christmas 2006

I 40 West, I 85 South, I 77 South, US 1 South, I 20 West to Augusta
GA 28, GA 338, GA 232, I 520, GA 104, GA 104 Connector, GA 4, US 25 Business, Local Roads
I 20 East, Detour ( US 1 South, Frontage Road, Wire Road), I 20 East, SC 277 North, I 77 North, I 85 North, I 40 West to Chapel Hill
The construction on I 85 from the Yadkin River to Salisbury continues. One exit has been changed from an underpass to an overpass. You can hardly tell now where the old exit was.

As we were traveling east on I 20, there was an orange detour sign propped up on a exit sign just before US 1 for Aiken. When we got to US 1, the police were closing the eastbound freeway and directing us all off onto US 1 South. We were the fifth or sixth car to be diverted. If we had been a couple of minutes farther down the road, we would have been trapped in the closed freeway. The police directed us onto the frontage road south of the freeway, which eventually ended at Wire Road. There was no police there, so we just followed the other cars left (east). A quarter mile down the road, a police car with lights flashing passed us heading west. I suspect that he was going to direct traffic at the unmarked turn. Wire Road intersected with I 20 and we got on heading east with no indication of the reason for the detour.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Clinch I 95 in NC

I 40 East, I 540 East, US 1 North, NC 98 East, US 401 North, NC 561 East, NC 4 South, NC 33 East, I 95 North, US 158 East, US 158 Business to Warrenton, US 401 North, US 1 South, I 85 South to Chapel Hill
The new NC 98 bypass of Wake Forest goes east from a SPUI with US 1. NC 98 multiplexes with US 1 for a bit and heads west on the previous road. NC 98 through Wake Forest is now NC 98 Business. NC has created a number of these business routes for state highways lately. Historically, the state has been retiring them. I do not know of any existing by the middle of the 1990's. Now, NC 24 has a couple and NC 98 has one.
US 158 Business through Warrenton is shown as US 158A on the state map. However, it is clearly signed as business. I saw no indication of an old Alternate signing.
Clinch I 95 in NC. Reclinch NC 98.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Beaufort County NC

I 40 East, NC 24 East, NC 24 Business West, US 258 North, NC 11 North, NC 102 East, US 17 North, US 264 West, US 301 South, US 70 Business West, NC 210 West, I 40 West to Chapel Hill
NC 24 has an extremely rare multiplex with I 40 bypassing Warsaw and Kenansville. The only other multiplex of Interstate and NC state highways that I know of is NC 150 and I 40 Business from Kernersville and downtown Winston-Salem. Old NC 24 is now NC 24 Business through Warsaw and Kenansville.
Earlier this year, I posted on seroads a question about the numbering and signing of the new Jacksonville bypass. The bypass is eventually going to connect to US 17 north of town and carry US 17 mainline around town. However the bypass begins at US 258/NC 24 west of US 17 South and is only finished up to NC 24 east of town. The section east of US 17 will be US 17 mainline, but what is the short section west of US 17 be numbered? My proposal was to move US 258 onto the bypass and perhaps continue it to Morehead City. However, the state decided to move NC 24 onto the bypass and leave US 258 alone. Now, the old routing of NC 24 through town is, starting from the west: US 258/NC 24; US258/NC 24 Business; US 17/NC 24 Business; NC 24 Business; Freedom Way Boulevard. NC 24 Business turns off of Freedom Way on a new connector to the bypass. This makes two new business routes for NC 24. North Carolina has been historically eliminating business routes for state highways. This is a new trend.
When the bypass is completed to US 17 North, US 17 through town will become US 17 Business. The Business blades are already installed on the US 17 reassurance signs through town, but the the blades are covered up. Now, on the BGS's on and around the bypass, there is no indication of US 17, not even space for adding US 17 shields. All of the BGS's will have to be changed out then.
US 264 has a peculiar interchange with itself west of Greenville. It is currently a three way cloverleaf. US 264 runs on the west and north branches of the interchange, while the east branch exits to a city street signed to Downtown. US 264 exits to itself in both directions, with the eastbound exit being a tight cloverleaf. If US 264 were to become an Interstate this interchange would be the obvious end for it with US 264 exiting north.
The 264 freeway bypass of Greenville has a 70 mph speed limit west of US 13. It is a fairly narrow carriageway and seems a little dangerous.
Beaufort County NC.
Additional mileage on US 264, US 258, US 17, US 301, NC 210.
Photographed western terminus of NC 118 and eastern (northern) terminus of NC 210.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

US 117 Freeway

I 40 East, Wade Avenue, I 440 Inner, US 264 East, NC 91 South, US 264 Alt West, Local Streets in Wilson, NC 42 West, US 117 South, US 13 North, US 70 West, US 70A West, US 70 West, Local streets around Smithfield, US 70 West, I 40 West to Chapel Hill
Starting from I 440, the US 64/264 freeway splits at Zebulon, then the US 264 freeway morphs to US 117/264 at I 95 and splits south of Wilson. The multiplexing of US 64/264 and US 117/264 are odd in that one of the highways starts multiplexed. Historically, this was not the case. US 264 once started at the split in Zebulon and US 117 once started at US 301. Both were extended in the 1990's and 2000's. There is speculation that US 64, US 264 and US 117 freeways could be upgraded to interstates with x95 numbers: I 195 from Raleigh to Rocky Mount or even Tarboro, I 395 from Zebulon to Wilson or even Greenville, I 795 from Wilson to Goldsboro or even I 40. This would make Raleigh look like Atlanta. We shall see.
The exits on US 264 for US 117 and US 301/117 Alternate are numbered 43A and 43BC, respectively. Exit 43A is for eastbound traffic only. Westbound traffic for US 117 exits on 43B and takes US 301 past the turn for US 117 Alternate to the interchange for US 117.
US 264A through Wilson follows the old US 264 bypass (Ward Ave) which circles downtown. Some maps show US 264 on both the north and south sides of the circle as well as going on Nash street through downtown. The only signage I saw was for US 264A on the south side of the circle.The other routings are defunct or never were.
The new US 117 freeway is a typical rural freeway, with few exits and long curves.
The north end of the new US 117 A is well marked, if a little confusing for traffic from westbound US 264. The south end of the new US 117 A is not marked at all. The exit is marked US 13. Then the road is marked as US 117 Bypass.
With the clinching of US 70A through Pine Level, I have clinched all of the versions of US 70 in the Smithfield area.
US 70 Business through Smithfield is closed at the I 95 interchange for bridge work.
Greene County NC.
Clinched US 70A.
Additional mileage on US 264, US 264 A, US 117.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Augusta GA - August 2006

I 40 West, I 85 South, I 77 South, SC 277 South, I 20 West to Augusta
GA 28, GA 338, GA 232, I 520, GA 104, GA 104 Connector, Local Roads
I 20 East, SC 277 North, I 77 North, I 485 East/North, I 85 North, I 40 West to Chapel Hill
US 521 is no longer indicated on a BGS over I 77 at Billy Graham Parkway in south Charlotte NC. The BGS over the exit ramps from southbound I 77 now shows I 485 East and West. However, the BGS over the exit ramps from northbound I 77 still shows I 485 East and Inner.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Virgilina, VA

NC 50 North, NC 56 North, I 85 North, US 15 North, US 15 Truck, US 15 North, US 58 West, VA 49 South, VA 96 North, US 501 South, NC 157 South
US 15 Truck Route is part of the Oxford loop. The north side of the loop is US 158 Bypass and is a reasonable bypass of Oxford for through east/west traffic.. The south side of the loop runs through the business and industrial areas of town and is designed for local traffic only. For US 15, it is still better than going through downtown.
Virgilina is a little town on the NC/VA border which used to be a railroad town with the railway running along the state line. For roadgeeking, it is the site where two multistate state highways cross. Actually NC 49 and NC 96 merge in NC just south of the state line, cross into VA together and split keeping their original numbers, each continuing in the same general direction of their NC counterparts.
US 501 between Roxboro and the state line has been in the news lately as the planned upgrading to divided four lanes has been delayed yet again. The road certainly needs it.
Clinch NC/VA 96.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Vass Bypass and I-277

US 15/501 South, US 64 West, NC 87 South, US 1 South, NC 2 West, US 15/501 North, NC 73 West, US 220 South, US 74 Business West, US 74 West, NC 200 South, NC 75 West, SC 75 West, US 521 North, I-485 West, I-77 North, I-277 East, I-77 North, I-85 North, I-40 East, NC 86 South to Chapel Hill
The Vass Bypass is expressway with narrow shoulders and 55 mph speed limits. NC 24/27 and NC 690 are diamond interchanges. There are other at-grade road intersections, which are a form of a Michigan Left. There are left turn lanes from US 1 onto each side road, but there is no crossover for the side road. All traffic must turn right from the side road. Left and straight through traffic takes a U-turn (with a turning pad for trucks).

NC 2 through Pinehurst has the narrowest lanes. The residents don't want to lose the pine trees in the median, but the lanes are unsafe.

Paving on the under construction I 73/74 ends at NC 73. South of the bridge you see asphalt; north of the bridge you see sand.

US 74 is called the Andrew Jackson Highway and dedicated to Jesse Helms in Anson county.

Polkton prides itself in being the birthplace of LL Polk, who was an early NC educator, no relation to Jame Polk, who was born in Mecklenburg County NC.

The BGS over US 521 for I 485 still says that US 521 goes onto the freeway, instead of ending at I 485, which it does.

There is a stub ramp merging in to the on-ramp from US 521 onto I 485 west. This may well be a leftover from when I 485 ended at US 521.
Reclinch US 1 (NC). Clinch I 277 (NC) and US 521 (NC).
More mileage on US 74 in NC.
Union (NC), Anson (NC) and Lancaster (SC) counties, for a total of 890.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

US 158 West

I 40 West, I 840 North, US 220 North, US 158 West, US 601 North, NC 801 South, I 40 West to Chapel Hill
US 601 north of I 40, NC 801 South and Farmington Road are marked with I 40 shields with a blue "Incident" banner over them. What is there between those the US 601 and Farmington Road exits that requires a permanent "Incident" detour?
The eastbound exit for NC 801 from I 40 goes into and out of a roundabout. The quadrant toward I 40 is blocked, so you cannot go all of the way around.
US 158 is now complete from Merchant Mill Pond west. Connected US 601 from NC 801 to Mocksville.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Six Flags Over Georgia - March 2006

I 40 West, I 85 South, I 285 North, I 20 West to Six Flags Over Georgia
I 20 East, I 285 North, US 78 to Stone Mountain and return
I 20 East, I 75/85 North to Downtown, US 19 South, I 75/85 North, I 20 West
I 285 North, I 75 North to Marietta GA and return
I 20 East, I 285 South, I 20 East to Augusta GA
I 20 East, SC 277 North, I 77 North, I 485 Inner, I 85 North, I 40 West to Chapel Hill
The I 485 exit from I 85 is labelled I 485 Outer.
US 521 is still indicated on BGS in both directions over I 85 at Billy Graham Parkway in west Charlotte NC.
On the ramp from I 77 North to I 485, the lanes are labelled I 485 East and I 485 Inner (instead of West).
Clinch I 285 (GA) and I 485 (NC).
More mileagle on I 20 and I 75 in GA.
Douglas County GA, for a total of 887.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Pinnacles of the Dan - February 2006

I 40 West, Bus I 40 West, I 40 East, US 52 North, Bus US 52 North, NC 103 East, VA 103 East, Local Roads, VA 103 East, VA 8 South, NC 8 South, NC 89 South, US 311 South, NC 65 East, US 158 East, NC 68 South, I 40 East

I've started to document exit numbers on NC non-Interstate freeways. I logged US 52 from Winston-Salem to Mount Airy on this trip.

NC 103/VA 103 is a pretty sorry multistate highway. Neither segment is more than 10 miles long. They both seem to be stubs.
There are light boards warning of "Narrow Lanes" on I 40 East at the construction of the interchange for the Greensboro Bypass. Both roadways are diverted around the bridge construction over the mainline. Only the eastbound lanes have the sign.

Since the Sheetz opened at Mebane-Oaks Road Exit on I 40/85, gas prices have fallen at other gas stations both at Mebane-Oaks and Buckhorn exits, as well as in Hillsborough. Maybe it will creep into Chapel Hill, the apex of gas prices in North Carolina.

Clinch NC 103, VA 103. Clinch the section of VA/NC 8 from Hanging Rock to Stuart. I have just a few miles of VA 8 in the Blacksburg area to clinch VA 8.