Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Augusta GA - Christmas 2006

I 40 West, I 85 South, I 77 South, US 1 South, I 20 West to Augusta
GA 28, GA 338, GA 232, I 520, GA 104, GA 104 Connector, GA 4, US 25 Business, Local Roads
I 20 East, Detour ( US 1 South, Frontage Road, Wire Road), I 20 East, SC 277 North, I 77 North, I 85 North, I 40 West to Chapel Hill
The construction on I 85 from the Yadkin River to Salisbury continues. One exit has been changed from an underpass to an overpass. You can hardly tell now where the old exit was.

As we were traveling east on I 20, there was an orange detour sign propped up on a exit sign just before US 1 for Aiken. When we got to US 1, the police were closing the eastbound freeway and directing us all off onto US 1 South. We were the fifth or sixth car to be diverted. If we had been a couple of minutes farther down the road, we would have been trapped in the closed freeway. The police directed us onto the frontage road south of the freeway, which eventually ended at Wire Road. There was no police there, so we just followed the other cars left (east). A quarter mile down the road, a police car with lights flashing passed us heading west. I suspect that he was going to direct traffic at the unmarked turn. Wire Road intersected with I 20 and we got on heading east with no indication of the reason for the detour.

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