Thursday, December 30, 2010

Augusta Christmas

I 40 West, I 85 South, I 77 South, SC 277 South, I 20 West, I 26 West to Columbiana Mall, I 26 East, US 1 South, local roads to Columbia Airport, local roads, US 1 South, I 20 West to Augusta
GA 28, GA 4, GA 104, GA 337, Local Roads
I 20 East, I 26 East, US 1 South, local roads to Columbia Airport, SC 320, I 26 East, I 77 North, I 20 East, US 521 North, US 1 North, US 15/501 North to Chapel Hill
There are multiple truck routes around Camden SC for US 521, US 1 and SC 34.
Clinched I 77 South Carolina. Mileage on US 1, US 521, SC 320.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I 74/US 311 High Point

I 40 West, I 85 South, I 74/US 311 East, US 311 East to Old 311, US 311 West, Main Street South, NC 68 East, I 74/US 311 East, I-85 Business West to Surrett Rd exit, I-85 Business East, I 85 South, US 52 East, NC 73 East, Millstone Rd, US 220 North, US 64 East, US 15/501 North.

I 74/US 311 bypass of High Point is open. Construction continues on the highway from its current end at Cedar Square Road to US 220. That section is supposed to complete in a couple of years.
All signage for US 311 Business is gone. Almost all signage for the former US 311 routing along I 85 Business and Main Street is gone. Remaining are reassurance shields for US 311 along I 85 Business and one early exit sign for US 311 South on Main Street on I 85 Business west of Main Street. The exit signs at Main Street proper do not mention US 311 or US 311 Business.
The US 29/7o/NC 150 exit on I 85 at the Yadkin River Bridge is closed. There are detour signs for US 29 along I 85 up to the Spencer exit. US 70 and NC 150 drivers are supposed to know to follow the US 70 signs. There appears to be rightway clearing south of the Yadkin River bridge for the new bridge.
Took US 52 to Albemarle and NC 73 to US 220 to connect unclinched segments of both roads.
US 220 Alternate/Business is still signed US 220 at NC 73.
Reclinched I 74 in NC, US 311. Mileage on US 52, NC 73.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wrightsville Beach - Oak Island

I 40 East, US 74 East to Wrightsville Beach
US 74 West, US 76 West, NC 132 South, US 421 South, Fort Fisher-Southport Ferry, NC 211 North, Local roads, NC 211 North, NC 133 South to Oak Island
NC 133 North, NC 87 North, US 17 North, US 421 North, I 140 East, I 40 West

The second bridge to Oak Island is nearing completion. The bridge is essentially complete. There needs to be detail work on the bridge deck. Yacht Street is still closed under the bridge.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NC 772

I 40 West, I 40 Business West, US 52 North, NC 65 North, US 311 North, NC 772 North, NC 704 West, NC 89 South to Danbury
NC 89 North, Hanging Rock State Park Road, Moore's Springs Road, NC 66 North, NC 268 West, US 52 South, I 40 East, I 73 South, I 85 North, I 40 East.

NC 772 is a lovely country road that does not go through any incorporated towns. This trip clinched NC 772 from end to end and clinched all highways east of US 52/I 74 except NC 89 west of NC 66.
I took a detour along Main Street in Pilot Mountain. There were sevaral businesses there with Mount Pilot in their names, along with Aunt Bea's Bbq on NC 268, to celebrate its Andy Griffith history.

Clinched NC 65, NC 704, NC 772. Mileage on NC 268. This leaves NC 89 to clinch all of Stokes county and NC 67 to clinch all of Forsyth county.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

VIllanova/Gettysburg: 1000 Counties!

US 15/501 North, I 85 North, I 95 North, I 895 North, MD 279 North, DE 2 East, DE 2/4/896 East, DE 896 South, I 95 North, I 476 North, US 30 East to Villanova,
US 30 East, US 1 North, I 76 West, I 476 North to Plymouth Meeting
I 476 South, I 76 East, I 676 East, Local Roads to Independence Hall
Local Roads, I 76 West, US 30 West, I 476 North to Plymouth Meeting
I 476 South, US 1 West, PA 41 North, US 30 West to PA 772, US 30 East, PA 897 North, PA 340 West, PA 896 South, US 30 West to York.
US 30 East, Local Roads, I 83 Business South, PA 74 West, US 30 East to York.
US 30 West, PA 194 South, PA 94 North, US 30 West, US 15 Business South to Gettysburg.
Local Roads, US 15 Business South, US 15 South, US 340 South, VA 7 West, I 82 South, US 17/50/522 West to Winchester.
US 17/50/522 East, I 81 South, I 64 East, US 250 East, Blue Ridge Parkway South, US 501 South, US 29 Business Lynchburg South, US 29 South, NC 86 South

Took the MD 279, DE 896 detour through Newton to avoid a traffic jam and incidentally missed the Delaware Turnpike toll.
On PA 41 North, there were signs for the traffic spacing dots I had first seen on US 322 near State College. However, the road had been milled for resurfacing, so the dots were gone. There were some dots on the southbound north of the construction.
At the James River Bridge on the Blue Ridge Parkway, there is a pedestrian bridge suspended under the roadbed to allow visitors to park at the James River Visitor Center on the north side of the river to cross the river to visit a old lock and canal on the south side of the river.

Counties - Adams PA, Frederick MD, Jefferson WV, Clarke VA, Waynesboro (IC) VA, for a new total of 1004
MD - Clinched US 340. Mileage on US 15, US 40, MD 279.
DE - Mileage on DE 2, DE 4, DE 896.
PA - Mileage on I 76, I 83 Business York, US 1, US 15, US 15 Business Gettysburg,
US 30, US 222, US 322, PA 23, PA 41, PA 74, PA 94, PA 116, PA 194, PA 340, PA 462, PA 772, PA 896, PA 897.
VA - Mileage on I 64, US 17, US 50, US 250, US 501, US 522, US 340, VA 7.
WV- Clinched US 340.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boone Cave Park, Rock House

I 40 West, I 40 Business West, NC 150 West, Boone Park Road to Boone Cave Park
Boone Park Road, NC 150 East, US 64 West, NC 801 North, I 40 East, NC 150 East, NC 67 North, I 40 Business East, NC 8 North, NC 89 North, NC 268 West, NC 66 South, Taylor Road, Rockhouse Road to Rack House
Rockhouse Road, Taylor Road, NC 66 North, NC 89 South, US 311 South, NC 65 East, US 158 East, NC 66 South, Bryan Boulevard , I 73 South, I 85 North, I 40 East.

Boone Cave Park was Boone Cave State Park, when I last visited back in the 1990's. It was pretty run down then. It has since been turned over to local control and has been spruced up a lot. The cave is about 75' long and requires light and caving protection to traverse. There are trails, an old cabin, a nice picnic pavilion overlooking the Yadkin River and a canoe/kayak access at a large rock ledge on the river.

The Rock House was built by Captain Jack Martin during the Revolutionary War and figured in the clash with the Tories from Tory Den (now in Hanging Rock State Park). The walls still stand, with modern supports cabled to them. Also on Rockhouse Road is a access to the Sauratown Trail, a horse/hiking trail connecting Hanging Rock and Pilot Mountain.

Clinched NC 8, NC 66. Mileage on NC 150, NC 67, NC 89, NC 268.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Villanova via Chincoteague Island

US 15/501 North, I 85 North, US 58 East, I 264 East, I 64 West, US 13 North, VA 175 East to Chincoteague Island VA
VA 175 West, US 13 North, US 113 North, US 50 East, MD 528 North, DE 1 North, DE 1A North, DE 1 North, US 9 North, Lewes-Cape May Ferry, US 9 North, NJ 109 South, Local Roads, US 9 North, NC 109 South, Local Roads, NC 147 North, Local Roads, NJ 152 East, Ventnor Ave to Atlantic City.
Atlantic City Expressway West, NJ 42 North, I 295 East, I 76 West, I 676 North, I 76 West, US 422 West, PA 32 West to Valley Forge.
Local Roads, PA 252 North, PA 32 East, US 422 East, US 202 North to King of Prussia.
US 202 South, I 76 East, I 476 South, US 30 East to Villanova.
US 30 West, I 476 South, I 95 South, I 495 South, I 95 South, I 85 South, US 15/501 South.

The restaurant and rest area on Island 1 of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is closed for renovations..The pier is open.
The bridge carrying VA 175 to Chincoteague Island has been relocated to line up with Maddox Boulevard, bypassing Marsh Island and downtown. There is a new spur bridge to Marsh Island, but it is closed for now. The old bridge from downtown to Marsh Island is the current only access to Marsh Island.
The bridge carrying US 9 to the Lewes Ferry is one lane because of construction with stop lights controlling like a flag man.

Counties -
Accomack VA, Northampton VA, Worcester MD, Atlantic NJ, Camden NJ, Cape May NJ, Gloucester NJ, for a new total of 999.
VA - Clinched VA 175, Mileage on US 13.

MD - Mileage on US 13, US 113, US 50, MD 538.
DE - Clinched DE 1A. Mileage on DE 1, US 9.
NJ - Clinched I 676. Mileage on I 76, I 76, US 9, NJ 109.
PA - Clinched I 676. Mileage on US 30
Highway ends: I 76 East Terminus: Camden NJ. US 113 Southern Terminus: Salisbury MD. US 50 East Terminus : Ocean City MD. US 40, East Terminus, US 322 East Terminus: Ventor City NJ.

Monday, May 03, 2010

NC 39 - Pilot NC

I 40 East, I 540 East, Falls of the Neuse Road North, NC 98 East, NC 39 South, US 64 West, I 40 West.

There has been some progress on NC 98 Wake Forest bypass since my last visit. The schedule shows June 2010, but there is a lot of work left to do.
US 64 exit 427 (Wendell Falls Parkway) is open. It is now an exit to nowhere. There appears to be open northbound, but closed southbound.
Even though I 440 and I 40 have been resigned to remove the Inner and Outer banners and the multiplex, there still are no signs that indicate that US 70/NC 50 head north on South Saunders Street into downtown Raleigh.

Mileage on NC 39.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Savannah GA and Lowcountry SC

I 40 East, I 95 South, I 16 East, I 516 East, Local Roads, US 80 East to Tybee Island.
US 80 West, Local Roads, I 16 West, I 516 West, GA 21 to Port Wentworth GA.
I 95 South, I 16 East, Local Roads to Savannah.
Local Roads, I 16 West, I 516 West, GA 21 to Port Wentworth GA.
I 95 South, I 16 East, US 17 North, SC 170 West to Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.
GA 170 East, US 278 East, US 278 Business East, Local Roads to Hilton Head Island.
US 278 Business West, US 278 West, US 170 East, US 21 South to Hunting Island State Park.
US 21 North, US 21 Business North, US 21 North, US 17 South, I 95 North, I 40 West.

US 80 ends with a marble plaque indicating that its other end is in San Diego.
The Talmadge Bridge carries US 17 over the Savannah River is an impressive cable stayed suspension bridge. The supports for the old bridge are still present on the east shore of the river.
There is a four mile drive through in the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge off SC 170 just east of the state line. We saw many alligators floating in the canal along the road.
US 278 ends at a traffic circle with US 278 Business.
US 21 ends at Hunting Island State Park.
A new US 21 bridge is being built from Port Royal to Lady Island. US 21 is being widened on Lady Island to the US 21 Business intersection.
The US 21 and US 17 intersection is being rebuilt.

Beaufort County SC, for a new total of 991.
Clinched I 516, US 278 Business Hilton Head Island, US 21 Business Beaufort. Mileage on US 17, US 21, US 80, US 278, GA 21, SC 170.
Highway ends: I 16 East, US 80 East, US 278 East, US 21 South.

Hanging Rock State Park

I 40 West, I 85 South, I 73 North, I 73 Future North, Bryan Boulevard, NC 68 North, US 158 West, US 65 West, US 311 North, NC 89 North, Hanging Rock State Park Road to Hanging Rock State Park
Local Roads, NC 66 South, I 40 Business East, I 40 East, I 73 South, I 85 North, I 40 East.


Mileage on NC 66.

Friday, February 12, 2010

NC 740 - Morrow Mountain State Park

I 40 West, Mebane Oaks Road, NC 119 North, US 70 West, NC 100 West, NC 61 North, NC 150 West, US 29 North, US 29 Business North, NC 65 West, NC 68 South, NC 150 West, NC 66 South, US 311 South, I 85 Business South, 5th Ave, local roads, NC 8 South, NC 740 South, NC 24/27 East, NC 109 North, NC 109 Business South, NC 134 North, US 220 North, US 64 East, NC 49 North, I 40 East.

Drove the new (2001) routing of NC 100 north of Elon University, This took NC 100 off of part of the original NC 10. NC 100 has a truck restriction south of NC 61, so there is a a truck route off of NC 100 in downtown Gibsonville, which is signed "Bus/Truck Route".
US 311 Business is still signed through High Point.
NC 8 has an odd west turn at its south terminus, where it is multiplexed with NC 740 to US 52.
Morrow Mountain State Park is a beautiful mountaintop state park. I saw dozens of deer on the road on the way up to the peak, which was socked in by clouds, so no pictures.
The northern terminus of NC 134 is not at US 220, but at an intersection a half mile west.

Clinched NC 740, NC 109 Business Troy; NC 65 in Rockingham County, which clinched all highways in Rockingham County; NC 150 in Guilford County, which clinched all highways in Guilford County.

Friday, January 22, 2010

NC 39 Vance County

I 85 North, NC 39 South, NC 98 West, NC 96 North, US 1 South to NC 98 East, US 1 North, NC 98 West.

I'd heard that NC 98 Wake Forest bypass was almost complete. The schedule shows January 2010, but there is a lot of work left to do. There has been no work done tying the new bypass to NC 98 east. I would say it'll take until March at least.

Clinched NC 39 in Vance County, which clinched all highways in Vance County.