Thursday, November 29, 2007

The return of NC 15

There is no North Carolina State Highway 15, since that would conflict with US 15. Somebody in NCDoT has mistakenly made some NC 15 shields with the diamond shield when they meant to make US 15 shields.

About two years ago, these signs were installed at the intersection of US 15/501 and NC 54. What was funny was that sign complexes had both US 15 and NC 15 shields, one for northbound and the other for southbound. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures before the NCD0T realized their mistake and replaced the shields.

This week, one of the NC 15 shields reappeared. It is not quite as ironic as the previous shields, except that NCDot made the same error again.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

900 Counties!

US 501 North, US 360 East, VA 307 West, US 460 West, US 460 Business West, VA 45 North to Cumberland County and return, US 15/460 Business West, US 15 North to Buckingham County
US 15 South, US 15/360 Business Keysville, US 15 South, VA 49 South, NC 49 South, US 501 South
This was primarily a county tagging trip. The only odd thing I saw were the signs at US 360 and VA 360. The regular shields had banners for STATE and US above them, to make sure people would not be confused.
I had counted Lunenburg as having been visited by driving on I 85, but I 85 just misses the county. It appears that US 360 enters the county in the area around Meherrin, but here are no county signs on the highway. I saw some along side roads, so I ducked off on SR630 and found a sign and turned around.
Farmville was a good locus for visiting counties, there are four that I visited within ten miles of town.
Clinched US 15/360 Business Keysville, US 58 Business Clarkesville, US 460 Business Farmville. Mileage on US 15, US 360, US 460, US 15 Business Farmville.
Counties in Virginia: Amelia, Buckingham, Cumberland, Lunenburg, Nottaway, Prince Edward. For a total of 901.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bugg's Island Dam

US 501 North, US 58 East, US 58 Business Clarkseville East, US 15 South, US 58 East, US 58 Business South Hill West, US 1 North to I 85
US 1 South, US 58 East, US 58 West, VA 4 South, Local Roads, US 1/US 158 West, I 85 South
VA 4 runs across the John H Kerr Dam and along the lake shore for some distance. It is a very scenic drive. VA 4 ends at the state line. The North Carolina side is SR1200, a county road.
Clinched VA 4. Connected disconnected sections of US 58, now continuous mileage from Blue Ridge Parkway to Portsmouth VA. Mileage on US 15, US 58 Business Clarkesville.