Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bugg's Island Dam

US 501 North, US 58 East, US 58 Business Clarkseville East, US 15 South, US 58 East, US 58 Business South Hill West, US 1 North to I 85
US 1 South, US 58 East, US 58 West, VA 4 South, Local Roads, US 1/US 158 West, I 85 South
VA 4 runs across the John H Kerr Dam and along the lake shore for some distance. It is a very scenic drive. VA 4 ends at the state line. The North Carolina side is SR1200, a county road.
Clinched VA 4. Connected disconnected sections of US 58, now continuous mileage from Blue Ridge Parkway to Portsmouth VA. Mileage on US 15, US 58 Business Clarkesville.

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