Monday, December 28, 2009

I 520 South Carolina

I 40 West, I 85 South, I 77 South, US 1 South, I 20 West to Augusta
GA 28, I 20, I 520, GA 104, GA 337, Local Roads
I 20 East, US 1 North, I 77 North, I 85 North, I 485 South, US 29 North, I 85 North, I 40 East to Chapel Hill
I 520 has been completed to interchange with I 20 in South Carolina. It is the only odd three digit interstate to begin and end at its parent. There are no plans to renumber the road. Since both ends of I 520 were rebuilt and resigned this year, they could have done both ends at little cost. But what is done is done.
I 520 in South Carolina has four exits: diamonds at US 1 and Clearlake Road, a half cloverleaf at US 25/SC 121 connector and T-flyovers at I 20. The interchange with I 20 is so close to the US 25 interchange, that the entrance and exit ramps cross. There is no way to exit from I 520 onto I 20 and then exit onto US 25 and vice versa. To connect from I 520 to US 25, you have to use the connector, a mile south.
The reconstruction of the interchange between I 20 and I 520 in Georgia is complete. There are now flyovers to and from I 520 and C/D lanes along I 520. One of the hotels we used to stay at in Augusta was a victim of the construction, since it lost so much traffic.
There was a giant traffic jam on I 85 between I 485 and US 601/US 29. We managed to get over to I 485 and went over to US 29. We tried Brutun Smith Boulevard, but it was backed up for at least a mile from I 85, so we took US 29 to Concord. Traffic was stopped on I 85 south there. The backup continued well past China Grove. There were a lot of Carolina fans in the jam trying to get to the bowl game. I wonder if they made it in time.
Noticed a Truck Route for NC 73 multiplexed with US 601 on the west side of Concord.
Clinched I 520 South Carolina.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NC 47

I 40 West, US 220 South, I 85 Business South, I 85 South, NC 8 North, I 85 Business South, Linwood Road South, NC 47 East, NC 49 North, Tot Hill Road West, NC 49 North, US 220 North, US 220 Connector East to US 220 Business and return, US 220 South, NC 42 East, local roads, NC 902 East, US 64 Business East, US 15/501 North.

Mixed a shopping trip with some roadgeeking and a barbecue restaurant stop for review. Signage on I 40 through Death Valley is complete. Construction on the I 74 interchange with I 85 continues.
NC 8 has been rerouted through Lexington since I was last through town.
Took a slight detour up Tot Hill Farm Road to find a trail head that I used years ago. The trail head is the northern end of the original Uwharrie National Recreational Trail. The last time I was there, the trail head, which didn't any parking, was being swallowed up by a golf course. I was delighted to find that the NFS has built a parking lot across a creek west of the old trail head and there is a new trail connecting to the old trail. This trail has a roadgeek significance. Part of the trail runs along the old Salisbury Road, which was a major north/south thoroughfare in the time of Daniel Boone.

Clinched US 220 Connector in Asheboro and NC 47. Mileage on NC 8 and NC 42.