Thursday, July 22, 2004

College Visit to VPI and CMU


NC 86 North, US 58 West, VA 8 North, I 81 North, US 460 West to VA Tech
US 460 West, I 77 North, US 19 North, I 79 North, I 279 North, I 376 East to Carnegie-Mellon
I 579 North, I 279 South. I 79 South, US 19 South, I 77 South, I 74 East, US 52 South, I 40 East, US 220 South, I 85 East, I 40 East, NC 86 South to Chapel Hill NC


The 2004-6 Virginia map still shows the Danville and Stuart bypasses as being under construction. I know that the Danville bypass opened this spring, but the Stuart bypass has been done for a while.

On US-460 between Christiansburg and Blacksburg are BGS’s and exits for Smart Road support facilities.

US 460 is in the I 73 corridor. It would not take too much to upgrade it to Interstate.

US-19 is signed as the “Robert C. Byrd Appalachian Highway System”. It appears to be interstate grade except between Summersville and the New River Gorge.

The mess of construction on the I-279 bridge over the Mon is almost all complete.

When leaving the Pitt campus area, there are ramps for both I 279 and I 579. The ramp for I 579 is over the other following the river, when it takes a right turn downtown and becomes the interstate proper.

There is no ramp from I 579 N onto I 279 S. You have to find an exit and make a U-turn.

US-52 is marked “Future I-74 Corridor” into Winston-Salem, even past where the I-74 bypass is supposed to leave US-52.

I-74 and I-73 are signed as such on I-74 and US-220 where the road is interstate grade. If the road is not interstate grade, the route is sighed with a “Future I-7X Corridor” or with Future I-7X shields. Is there a reason for the two different signages?

US-220 between I-40 and I-85 is sighed with Future I-73 shields, even though I-73 is now to be routed along the to be built new I-40.

On I-85 just east of US-220, there is a I-40/I-85 shield pair. Not “TO I-40”. This is jumping the gun by years.


Clinched I-279, I-579 in Pennsylvania
10 counties, 2 in VA, 2 in PA, 6 in WV, total now 853