Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Villanova Move-in and Washington DC

US 15/501 North, I 85 North, I 95 North, I 495 West, I 95 North, I 695 East, I 95 North, I 495 North, I 95 North, I 476 North, US 30 East to Villanova PA
US 30 West, I 476 North, I 76 West, US 202 West, US 30 Business West, PA 100 North, PA 113 South to Lionville PA
PA 113 North, PA 100 North, I 76 East, PA 320 South, US 30 East to Villanova PA
US 30 West, PA 100 North, PA 113 South to Lionville PA
PA 113 North, PA 100 South, US 202 South, I 95 South, DE 1 South, DE 299 West, US 301 South, I 595 West, US 50 West, I 395 South to Washington DC
Local Roads, I 66 West, VA 267 West, VA 28 South, Liberia Ave, Prince William Parkway, I 95 South, I 85 South, US 15/501 South

This trip tried out a couple of alternatives to I 95 between DC and Philadelphia. I 495 around Wilmington DE is much better than I 95 through town. I 695 across the Key Bridge is a logner, but a much calmer drive than the construction on I 95 and I 895 north of the tunnels. DE 1/US 301/I 595 is a pleasant scenic alternative to I 95. You just have to avoid this route when folks are heading to/from the beach.

All of the rest areas on I 85 and I 95 in Virginia that are not Welcome Centers are closed. It is a long haul from the Virginia Welcome Center south of Lake Gaston to the Maryland Welcome Center on I 95 between I 495 and I 895.

US 301 in DE reminds me of Ohio. The corn fields being converted to housing and commercial and the farmer's markets are much the same, except for the market selling crabs.

US 301 in Maryland has multiple instances of a variation of a Michigan Left, where the through road (US 301) has divided left turn exits, but the cross road cannot go across to turn left or straight across. The cross road has to turn right onto the through road and make a U-turn at the cutover. There are similar intersections on US 1 hear Vass NC. What is this intersection called?

Counties - Kent MD, Queen Anne's MD, Manassas (IC) VA,
Manassas Park (IC) VA, for a new total of 982.
VA - Mileage on VA 267, VA 28, VA 3000.
DC - Clinched I 395.
Mileage on US 50, US 1.
MD - Clinched I 595. Mileage on US 50, US 301.
DE - Clinched I 495. Mileage on DE 1, DE 299, US 13, US 301.
PA - Mileage on I 76, I 476. Mileage on US 30, US 30 Business, PA 100, PA 113.