Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Toll NC 147, Opening Day

I 40 East, NC 147 South, NC 540 West to NC 55, NC 540 East to NC 54, NC 540 West, NC 55 North, Kitt Creek Parkway East, Davis Drive North, NC 147 North, I 40 West.

It was about 1 pm on opening day for Toll NC 147. After driving it north to south, I wanted to drive it south to north, but the ramps from NC 540 were closed. The opening ceremony had been on the northbound lanes, so they had let cars onto the northbound lanes and then closed the ramps. After taking both passes on NC 540 to check the ramps, I took Kitt Creek to Davis, the C/D lanes from Davis to Hobson and reentered the highway northbound. This meant that I drove the entire north-south side and half the south-north side. Oh well. There is one screwy sign on the northbound lanes that has "END Toll NC 147/BEGIN NC 147" with actual NC 147 shields. I have never seen a sign with both BEGIN and END banners on it, much less for the same highway.

Reclinched NC 147.