Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I 74 High Point Bypass, Yadkin River Bridge

I 40 West, I 85 South, I 73 South, I 74 West to Cedar Square, I 74 East, US 64 West, US 29 South to Spencer, US 29 North, NC 14 North, NC 770 East, Berry Hill Road, US 58 Business West, US 58 East, NC 86 South, Churton Street, I 40 East, NC 86 South   to Chapel Hill 
Signage for I 73/74 upgrade is progressing. Exit numbers have been changed from exit 94 to exit 77, but the road is still signed as I 73/74 Future.
I 74 is open from US 220 to High Point. The I 73/74 interchange is completely signed as if I 73 goes north and I 73/74 goes south, but both roads are still signed Future.
The routing of NC 150/US 29/US 70 has been changed at the Yadkin River Bridge. Formerly, NC 150 multiplexed with I 85/US 29/52/70 from exit 183 to exit 182, where US 29/70/NC 150 exited directly onto the Yadkin River Bridge. Now that I 85/US 52 has been routed onto the new interstate bridges, exits 182 and 183 have been removed. Now, US 29/70 exits at exit 184 onto Hilltop Road, where NC 150 joins them. Hilltop Road runs adjacent to I 85/US 52 and then onto the Yadkin River Bridge. The new NC 150 routing has no multiplex with I 85 at all. Currently, Hilltop Road is being detoured on Sowers Road and Old Salisbury Road to the bridge. Eventually Hilltop Road will connect directly to the bridge. The northbound span of the bridge is currently carrying two way traffic for US 29/70/NC 150, while the southbound span of the bridge is being replaced. The northbound I-85 ramps at exit 184 are under construction, so there is a not well signed detour to get to northbound I-85/US 52. The detour takes Old Salisbury Road north from NC 150, past the former exit 185 (now removed) to exit 186. Old Salisbury Road is now closed west of NC 150, so there are two segments: the west segment used by the detour for Hilltop Road and the east segment used by the detour to I-85 north. 
Mileage on the new I 74 freeway.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Annville PA

Day 1: US 15/501 North, I 85 North,  I 95 North, VA 895 East, I 295 North, I 95 North, I 495 North, I 270 Spur West, I 270 West, to Rockville MD.
Day 3:  I 270 West, MD 27 North, I 70 East, Local Streets, I 83 North, I 695 East, I 95 North, MD 24 North, US 1 North, PA 52 North, US 322 Business North, MD 3 East, US 202 North, Local Roads to Devon-Berwyn, US 202 North, I 76 West, PA 72 North, US 322 West, PA 934 North, US 422 East to Annville, US 422 West, PA 934 North, I 81 North to Johnstown PA.
Day 4: I 82 South, US 22 East, PA 230 South, local streets, US 15/11 South, PA 581 East, I 83 North, US 322 East, PA 39 North to Hershey Park, US 422 East, Local Streets, PA 934 South, Local Streets to Annville, US 422 West, PA 934 North, I 81 North to Johnstown PA.
Day 5: PA 72 South, US 22 West, I 83 North, I 81 South to Harrisburg, I 81 North, I 83 South, PA 581 West, US 15 South, US 17 South, I 95 South, I 85 South, US 15/501 South to Chapel Hill.
Construction of the new HOT lanes on I 95 south of DC continues. Heading north, 511 was not reporting major backups near Quantico. We decided to take I 95/495 into the city. Heading south, we took US 15/US 17 to bypass DC to the west. That route works pretty well.
The HOT lanes on I 495 are complete. They were not very busy, though.
Counties: Carroll MD, for a new total of 1047.
MD: Clinched I 270 Spur, US 15. Mileage on I 70, I 83, I 270, MD 27.
PA: Clinched PA 934. Mileage on I 81, I 83, US 22, US 222, US 322, US 422, PA 39, PA 72, PA 230, PA 581.
VA: Clinched US 15, VA 895. Mileage on US 17.