Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pilot Mountain State Park

I 40 West, I 85 West, I 73 North, I 40 West, US 421 West, US 601 North, US 601 Business Dodson South, US 601 North, US 52 North, US 52 Business Mount Airy South, US 52 South, Pilot Mountain State Park, US 52 South, I 40 Business East, I 40 East, I 73 South, I 85 West.

This was a roundabout route to Pilot Mountain to catch the fall colors and see the country along US 601. The maples were gorgeous in Boonville and Dodson , but no good photography stood out. The colors were fine on Pilot Mountain. There were a lot of buzzards around the Big Pinnacle and the moon was visible in the late afternoon sky.

Clinched US 601 Business Dodson, US42 Business Mount Airy. Mileage on US 601.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Villanova to Michigan

US 15/501 North, I 85 North, I 95 North, VA 207 North, US 301 North, I 97 North, I 695 East, I 95 North, I 495 North, I 95 North, I 476 North, I 76 West to King of Prussia.
I 76 West, I 283 North, I 83 North, I 81 South, US 322 West, US 322 Business West, PA 26 North, US 322 West, I 99 North, US 220 North, I 80 West, I 76 West, US 224 West, US 250 North, US 20 West, OH 53 North, I 80/90 West, I 280 North, I 75 North, I 275 North to Livonia
I 275 South, I 75 South, US 35 East, US 35 Business Xenia East, US 35 East, I 64 East, I 77 South, I 74 East, I 40 Business East, I 40 East, I 73 South, I 85 East, I 40 East, NC 86 South

I 85 construction continues with two way traffic on the northbound lanes from Oxford to Henderson.
All rest areas in Virginia except welcome centers are closed.
US 301 is a pleasant drive across the Potomac except for the line of stoplights and shopping centers in Waldorf MD.
I 476 across the Schuykill River is split into two sets of lanes northbound, with two lanes on a temporary bridge and two lanes on the original bridge so that the other lanes can be rehabbed.
On US 322 two lane descending into State College has a different system for fighting tailgating, There are two foot in diameter circles along the center of the lane with signs advising to keep two circles behing the next car.
I 76/71 is being rebuilt. The northbound exit ramps from I 71 to I 76/US 224 are under construction.
US 35 in Point Pleasant WV has been diverted around the tie-in to the new US 35 under construction. There are multiple signs to access and work areas from current US 35 to the new freeway. At the Buffalo Bridge, US 35 makes a turn up to the bridge access, then turns directly inland as a two-lane road. After the first turn, WV 817 (Old US 35) intersects from the left. At the second turn, to WV 62 intersects from the left and passes over the Buffalo Bridge. When US 35 reaches the new routing, it makes a right angle turn left and divides into a divided four-lane highway with road intersections until it reaches WV 34, which is an interchange. There is a flyover ramp to I 64 East.

Counties - King George VA, Charles MD, Perry PA, Juniata PA, Mifflin PA, Medina OH, Greene OH, Fayette OH,
for a new total of 990.
VA - Mileage on US 301, VA 207.

MD - Clinched I 97, US 301.
PA - Clinched I 283. Mileage on I 83, I 99. Mileage on US 22,
US 322, US 322 Business State College, US 522, US 220, US 202, PA 26.
OH- Clinched US 35 Business Xenia. Mileage on I 76, US 224, US 20, US 35.
WV- Reclinched US 35.