Sunday, May 06, 2007

US 401

I 40 East, US 401 South, NC 55 South, NC 27 West, US 401 South, US 74 Business East, US 74 West, US 74 Business (Rockingham) East, US 220 North, US 220 Business (Asheboro) North, US 220 North, NC 62 East, Local Roads, NC 87 South, Local Roads, NC 54 East
Construction on I 73/74 /US 220 bypass of Ellerbe has stopped. There is no pavement done at the interchanges with US 220. The contractor has bankrupted, so the state is getting new bids. I'd say there is a year's work left to finish the freeway.
There is a bronze statue of Richard Petty on US 220 Business in downtown Randleman. He is their favorite native son.
One of the weirdest things I've chanced upon is the Original Hollywood Horror Show which is in the middle of the woods on Bass Mountain Road a half mile from NC 87 south of Graham NC. This kind of show would be normal in a tourist trap area, such as Cherokee or Gatlinburg, or even Myrtle Beach, but not in rural Piedmont North Carolina.
Clinched US 401 in NC and US 220 Business Asheboro. Mileage on US 74, US 74 Business (Laurinburg), NC 27, US 421.