Thursday, January 25, 2007

I 540 to US 64/264

I 40 East, I 540 East, US 64/264 West, I 40 East, NC 42 West, Local Roads, US 64 Business West, NC 87, Local Roads
With the opening of I 540 from US 1 to US 64/264, I no longer had I 540 clinched. I also no longer had the lead at for clinched interstate miles in NC, trailing by one mile. I drove the new section to reclinch I 540 and regain the lead.
A fellow roadgeek in Michigan recently clinched the state highway system in Michigan, including all interstates, US highways, state highways and spur routes. I took a look at my North Carolina map and noticed that I had clinched all of the state highways in a cluster of counties around my home county. There are a few counties that I have only one segment of a state route to clinch the county. Driving this part of NC 42 clinched Chatham County and left one last route (NC 97 east of Lizard Lick) in Wake County.
Reclinch I 540. Clinch Chatham County. Added miles for NC 42.