Friday, February 12, 2010

NC 740 - Morrow Mountain State Park

I 40 West, Mebane Oaks Road, NC 119 North, US 70 West, NC 100 West, NC 61 North, NC 150 West, US 29 North, US 29 Business North, NC 65 West, NC 68 South, NC 150 West, NC 66 South, US 311 South, I 85 Business South, 5th Ave, local roads, NC 8 South, NC 740 South, NC 24/27 East, NC 109 North, NC 109 Business South, NC 134 North, US 220 North, US 64 East, NC 49 North, I 40 East.

Drove the new (2001) routing of NC 100 north of Elon University, This took NC 100 off of part of the original NC 10. NC 100 has a truck restriction south of NC 61, so there is a a truck route off of NC 100 in downtown Gibsonville, which is signed "Bus/Truck Route".
US 311 Business is still signed through High Point.
NC 8 has an odd west turn at its south terminus, where it is multiplexed with NC 740 to US 52.
Morrow Mountain State Park is a beautiful mountaintop state park. I saw dozens of deer on the road on the way up to the peak, which was socked in by clouds, so no pictures.
The northern terminus of NC 134 is not at US 220, but at an intersection a half mile west.

Clinched NC 740, NC 109 Business Troy; NC 65 in Rockingham County, which clinched all highways in Rockingham County; NC 150 in Guilford County, which clinched all highways in Guilford County.