Saturday, April 26, 2014

I 495

I 40 East, Wade Avenue, I 440 East, I 495 North, I 495 Future North to Smithfield Road, I 495 Future South, I 540 West, US 401 North, NC 96 North, NC 98 West, US 70 West, US 15/501   to Chapel Hill 
There was a press release that I 495 shields had been installed along US 64/264 west of I 540 along with I 495 Future shields east of 540. However, I had only seen pictures of the Future I 495 shields. I drove along I 495 far enough to get a photo of a I 495 shield and to see the Future I 495 shield myself.
I also checked out the Rolesville Bypass for US 401, which is supposed to be finished in July. There is much pavement missing, especially at its north interchange with US 401.
Nothing new.