Thursday, October 12, 2006

US 117 Freeway

I 40 East, Wade Avenue, I 440 Inner, US 264 East, NC 91 South, US 264 Alt West, Local Streets in Wilson, NC 42 West, US 117 South, US 13 North, US 70 West, US 70A West, US 70 West, Local streets around Smithfield, US 70 West, I 40 West to Chapel Hill
Starting from I 440, the US 64/264 freeway splits at Zebulon, then the US 264 freeway morphs to US 117/264 at I 95 and splits south of Wilson. The multiplexing of US 64/264 and US 117/264 are odd in that one of the highways starts multiplexed. Historically, this was not the case. US 264 once started at the split in Zebulon and US 117 once started at US 301. Both were extended in the 1990's and 2000's. There is speculation that US 64, US 264 and US 117 freeways could be upgraded to interstates with x95 numbers: I 195 from Raleigh to Rocky Mount or even Tarboro, I 395 from Zebulon to Wilson or even Greenville, I 795 from Wilson to Goldsboro or even I 40. This would make Raleigh look like Atlanta. We shall see.
The exits on US 264 for US 117 and US 301/117 Alternate are numbered 43A and 43BC, respectively. Exit 43A is for eastbound traffic only. Westbound traffic for US 117 exits on 43B and takes US 301 past the turn for US 117 Alternate to the interchange for US 117.
US 264A through Wilson follows the old US 264 bypass (Ward Ave) which circles downtown. Some maps show US 264 on both the north and south sides of the circle as well as going on Nash street through downtown. The only signage I saw was for US 264A on the south side of the circle.The other routings are defunct or never were.
The new US 117 freeway is a typical rural freeway, with few exits and long curves.
The north end of the new US 117 A is well marked, if a little confusing for traffic from westbound US 264. The south end of the new US 117 A is not marked at all. The exit is marked US 13. Then the road is marked as US 117 Bypass.
With the clinching of US 70A through Pine Level, I have clinched all of the versions of US 70 in the Smithfield area.
US 70 Business through Smithfield is closed at the I 95 interchange for bridge work.
Greene County NC.
Clinched US 70A.
Additional mileage on US 264, US 264 A, US 117.