Saturday, September 05, 2009

Parker Ferry

I 40 East, I 540 East, US 64 East, US 64 Business Rocky Mount East, US 64 Alternate East, US 258 North to NC 122 and return, US 64 Alternate East, NC 42 North, US 64 East, US 17 Business North, US17 North to NC 308 West and return, US 13 Business North, US 13 North, US 158 West, Parker Ferry Road, Parker Ferry, Parker Ferry Road, US 258 North to VA line and return, US 158 East, US 158 Business Murfreesboro West, US 158 West, US 301 South, US 301 Halifax North, US 301 South, US 64 West, I 540 West, I 40 West.

The third time was the charm. After striking out twice, I finally rode one of the cable powered ferries in eastern North Carolina. Parker Ferry Road runs between US 158 at a prison west of Weldon to US 258 just south of Como NC. It is gravel for a couple of miles before and after the ferry. Coming from the south, I pulled up to the gate and honked my car horn. A little old ferry keeper came out of his little old ferry shack and brought the ferry over to the south side. I had time to take some pictures of the ferry. The deck has space for two cars or one truck. The whole process took maybe fifteen minutes. It was worth the trip.

Clinched US 64 Alternate Tarboro, US 64 Business Rocky Mount, US 17 Business Williamston, US 13 Business Windsor, US 301 Business Halifax. Mileage on US 17, US 13, US 258.