Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Virgilina, VA

NC 50 North, NC 56 North, I 85 North, US 15 North, US 15 Truck, US 15 North, US 58 West, VA 49 South, VA 96 North, US 501 South, NC 157 South
US 15 Truck Route is part of the Oxford loop. The north side of the loop is US 158 Bypass and is a reasonable bypass of Oxford for through east/west traffic.. The south side of the loop runs through the business and industrial areas of town and is designed for local traffic only. For US 15, it is still better than going through downtown.
Virgilina is a little town on the NC/VA border which used to be a railroad town with the railway running along the state line. For roadgeeking, it is the site where two multistate state highways cross. Actually NC 49 and NC 96 merge in NC just south of the state line, cross into VA together and split keeping their original numbers, each continuing in the same general direction of their NC counterparts.
US 501 between Roxboro and the state line has been in the news lately as the planned upgrading to divided four lanes has been delayed yet again. The road certainly needs it.
Clinch NC/VA 96.

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