Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Appomattox Va

NC 86 North, I 85 North, US 15 North, US 15 Truck Oxford North, US 158 Business Oxford East, US 15 North, US 15 Business Farmville North, US 460 West, US 29 South, US 29 Business Alta Vista South, US 29 South, US 29 Business Gretna South, US 29 South, US 29 Business Chatham South, US 29 South, NC 86 South.
This trip was to Appomattox National Historic Park. On the way up and back, I clinched some US Business routes. The US 29 Business routes are the old US 29 routing through the town. Between Alta Vista and Hurt there is a magnificent double camelback truss bridge on the Business route and a railroad bridge with the sidewalk going through a corrugated pipe. Both are worth some photography when it is not so rainy.
Counties - Appomattox VA, for a new total of 921.
NC - Clinched US 158 Business Oxford.
VA - Clinched US 15 Business Farmville, US 29 Business Alta Vista,
US 29 Business Gretna, US 29 Business Chatham. Mileage on US 29, US 460, US 501.

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