Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seattle Trip, Day 2

Evansville IN to Council Bluffs IA: US 41 North, I 64 West, I 70 West, Local Streets (Downtown St Louis), I 70 West, MO 19, Local Road, MO 167, I 70 West, I 435 North, I 29 North, I 229 North, I 29 North, IA 2 West, NE 2 West, US 75 Bus North to Nebraska City NE, US 75 Bus South, NE 2 East, IA 2 East, I 29 North to Council Bluffs IA

At the rest area on I 64 just before the I 57 interchange, there were construction fliers for the "rubblization" of a section of I 57 south of I 64, They're ripping up the entire pavement and pulverizing it.
The detour for I 64 through St Louis is very well marked and warned. There is no indication of construction or sign changing at the I 70/US 40/61/Future I 64 interchange west of St Louis.
There are full color shields painted on the pavement for the I 270 exit from I 70 in Kansas City.
I 35 is under construction from I 70 to I 29. I 435 is given as a detour for both I 35 and I 29 North. I 435 has I 35 shields with orange alt banners posted along that part of the detour, but not such shields for I 29.
I 29 is reduced to two way traffic on the north bound lanes for several long stretches in Iowa.
Clinched I 64 in IN and IL, I 229 in MO.
Counties: Indiana: 1, Illinois: 5, Missouri: 5, Nebraska: 1, Iowa: 2, for a new total of 954.

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