Monday, December 06, 2004

Mount Rogers

I 40 West, Bus I 40 West, US 52 North, I 74 West, I 77 North, US 52 West, VA 600 North
Previously, we went to Mount Rogers by way of Sparta NC, but this way is faster.
All lanes are open on I 85/I 40 at the bridge construction at Mile 140 west of Burlington NC, eliminating a bottle neck.
All lanes are open on Business I 40 from Kernersville NC to US 52.
Galax VA is one of smallest Independant Cities in Virginia. I had both of the counties that Galax is between, but not Galax.
In Greensboro NC, the BGSs on Eastbound I 40/Bus 85/US 421 at US 220 and Bus 85 do not mention I 85 at all now. You have to know that to get to I-85 South, you take Bus 85 South or go all the way to the I 40/I 85 split east of Greensboro.
Picked up mileage on US 58. One county (Galax VA) for a total of 861.

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