Friday, February 09, 2007

Danville VA

NC 86 North, US 29 North, US 58 Business West, US 29 Business South, US 29 South, NC 700 West, NC 770 North, VA 863 North, US 58 Business East, VA 86 South, VA 360 North, US 58 Business East, US 29 South, NC 86 South
Went up to Danville to get the new State Highway maps for Virginia and North Carolina. The Visitors Center off US 29/58 had 2006-2008 Virginia maps. The Visitors Center on NC 700 only had 2006 NC maps. Drove through Danville twice, once to clinch the US Business routes and once to check out the architecture on East Main Street. Danville has a bunch of old bridges over the Dan River that I had not seen before. US 58 Business runs under the bridges and is a bridge enthusiast's dream.
NC 700 finished clinching state highways in Caswell County. I thought that I would clinch NC 700 when I planned the route, but NC 700 does not end at NC 770 but multiplexes with NC 770 to NC 87/14. When I head up that way to check out the US 311 from Madison to Eden question, I'll pick up that section of 700.
There are signs for US 29 and VA 86 with TRUCK banners on US 58 Business with arrows saying to exit onto US 29 Business/VA 86. Since US 29 has a bypass of Danville (which through trucks on US 29 should take), this indicates a Truck Route for Business US 29, to keep trucks off of Piney Forest Highway. Having a Truck Route for a State Highway is rare, but not unknown.
There is a sign on US 58 Business East pointing up the ramp onto US 29/58 Bypass that simply points to Chapel Hill. It does not say Chapel Hill NC. Since neither route on the Bypass goes to Chapel Hill, it seems a little odd.
Clinch US 58 and 29 Business Routes in Danville VA. Clinch state highways in Caswell County. Added miles for NC 700 and 770.

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