Saturday, March 10, 2007

Madison NC

I 40 West, NC 54 West, NC 87 North, US 158 East, NC 14 North, NC 700 East, NC 770 West, NC 135 West, US 220 Business North, US 220 North, NC 770 East, NC 14 South, US 158 East, NC 86 South
Checked out some of the US highway reroutings in the Madison NC area. The truncation of US 220 Business through Stanley NC has been signed properly now. The extension of US 311 from Madison to Eden is still not signed. The first had been approved by USRN in 1998; the second in 2003.
Clinch US 220 Business in Madison/Mayoden, NC 700, NC 135. More mileage on NC 770.

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