Wednesday, February 20, 2008

US 421 Bypass Future, Sanford

US 15/501 South, local roads, US 421 Future West, US 421 Future East, NC 42 West, US 421 East, US 301 North, US 70 Business East, US 70 East, US 117 Alternate North, US 301 North, US 64 West, US 64 Business (Nashville) West, US 64 Alternate West, NC 98 West, US 1 South, I 540 West, I 40 East
The future US 421 bypass is open (though unsigned) from NC 42 to Colon Road north of Sanford. Neither end connects to US 421. The exits are numbered with US 421 mileage. At the Colon Road exit, there is a sign for the US 1 etc. interchange. It looks like that end is getting ready to open.
At the interchange for I 795 on US 70, the signs for the southbound ramps say US 117. The signs on the northbound ramps say US 117 and TO I 795. This interchange is the south end of I 795. Why does it say TO I 795?
NCDOT had said that they are taking US 117 off of the I 795 freeway and moving it back to current US 117 Alternate. There are no Alternate signs on US 117 Alternate. There used to be signs on US 301 directing US 117 Alternate onto US 264. It looks like US 117 Alternate has been shortened back to US 301. As the signs change, we will see what's going on.
There are new numbered exit signs on US 64 through Rocky Mount up to I 95.
Clinch US 1117 Alternate, US 64 Business (Nashville), US 64 Alternate (Spring Hope). Mileage on US 421, US 301.

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