Friday, October 31, 2008

Concord NC

I 40 West, I 85 South and return

This was a quick shopping trip to Concord Mills along the I 85 corridor that I travel frequently.

There is no indication of sign changing on I 40/85/73 in Greensboro. The USRN meeting muddied this by referring to Future 73.

The construction at the I 74/US 311 interchange with I 85 continues apace. There is a new traffic pattern. The I 85 main lanes have been rerouted onto new C/D lanes which pass over new bridges over the I 74 main lanes. The east ramps for NC 62 connect to the C/D lanes. The close proximity of the NC 62 interchange with the new interchange is going to cause interleaving on the C/D lanes.

There is signage on I 85 for oversized truck detours between US 311 and US 64. The signs have two shields: one for I 85 Business and one for US 29/70, which have both numbers, one above the other, on one shield.


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