Friday, October 08, 2004

Clinch NC 96

I 40 East, US 70 East, US 70 Bus East, NC 96 South, NC 55 East, I 40 West, I 95 North, US 70 Bus West, NC 96 North, US 158 West, I 85 South to Durham NC
Due to misreading a map, I started out heading for Smithfield to explore the various US 70's there and then head north on NC 96, which I thought ended at US 301 in Selma. When I got to the intersection of US 70 Bus and US 301, I was surprised to see the NC-96 was multiplexed with US 301. Looking at the map, NC 96 continued to NC 55. Oops. I should have taken I 40 to NC 55 in the first place. The US 70's will have to wait.
NC 96 runs through a lot of cotton fields from NC 55 to Zebulon.
Clinched NC 96.
Extended the central section of US 158 around Oxford. I need to connect US 158 from I 85 to the exit north of Henderson to have US 158 continuous from Merchant Millpond to Reidsville.

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