Sunday, October 10, 2004

Shenandoah National Park

NC 86 North, I 29 North, VA 6 West, VA 151 North, US 250 West to the Skyline Drive
There is construction of the Sweetbrier interchange at the south end of Amherst bypass, US 29 reduced to both directions on one carriageway. This is the north end of the US 29 bypass of Lynchburg from the existing US 460 freeway.
US 29 has two names, "Seminole Trail", which hearkens back to when roads were named, and "The 29th Infantry Division Memorial Highway".
There is a very tall water spout on the James River west of the US 29 bridge. The US-29 freeway through Lynchburg is awful. Someday I am going to figure out how to get through Lynchburg without hitting the section of US 29 in front of Walmart. Supposedly, taking US 460 to US 501 is better.
A new entrance to the National Park is being built a little south of the current one. The road, curbing and foundation is in. There is parking in both driections, making getting backcountry permits a little easier, if they move the backcountry permit box to the new entry way.
On some bridge north of Lynchburg, I saw little signs "Lift Blade at Joint". It took a little thinking to realize that these were for snowplows to lift their blades over the bridge joints.
Virginia's secondary roads (round signs) appear to number up into the 1000's. I did see one in the 9000's and one which was numbered "F287", which I assume is a farm road.
Shenandoah National Park is beautiful in October. On our way out, there was a line of cars at the entranceway.
There is a small green "Future I 785 Corridor" sign on US 29 S/US 58 W just west of the interchange with US 58 E. This indicates that I 785 will extend around Danville, at least to US 58 W. Continuing around on the US 29 Bypass would make sense.
Picked up mileage on VA 6, VA 151 and US 250.

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