Monday, March 14, 2005

Augusta GA - A family funeral

I 40 West, Bus I 85 South, I 85 South, I 77 South, SC 277 South, I 20 West to Augusta
GA 28, GA 104, Local Roads
I 20 East, SC 277 North, I 77 North, I 485 East, I 85 North, Bus I 85 North, I 40 West to Chapel Hill
Exit 149 on I 85 is now open as University Drive to Elon. Elon has been removed from the exit 141 signs. This may cause a problem with truckers who have notes regarding the Elon exit on I 85/I 40.
I 485 West is still marked on the GBS on I 77 South and North as Future I 485.
There is the 44 Motel at exit 44 on I 20 in SC. There are businesses named after highways. How many are named after exit numbers?
The rest area at mile 63 on I 77 in SC used to have payphones with large signs saying "Chester" because they were served by the Chester Telephone Company. Now they just say "Sprint". A bit of local color has disappeared.

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