Thursday, March 31, 2005

Clinching NC 62 and US 311

NC 86 North, I 40 West, Future I 840 North, US 70 West, US 220 North, Local Roads
US 220 South, NC 62 West, NC 109 North, Business I 85 South, US 52 North, NC 8 South, Business I 85 North, NC 109 North, US 311 South, Business I 85 North, I 85 North, NC 54 East
The I 85 Bypass of Greensboro is open again.
There are detour signs for US 29 North and US 70 West from I 40/85 onto Future I 840. This has been for construction at the NC 6 and US 29 North interchange. Since I was headed into Greensboro, I followed them. However, I did not notice any more detour signs on Future I 840 or on US 70 West.
US 311 South has Future I 74 Corridor signs south of I 40. There are none on the new bypass of High Point, which definitely is meant to be I 74.
Since the bypass was built, I no longer had US 311 clinched.
Clinch NC 62 and reclinch US 311.

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